2022 NBA trade deadline tracker: Knicks acquire Cam Reddish from Hawks; Bryn Forbes to Nuggets in 3-team deal

The 2022 NBA title is within reach. Only the Phoenix Suns are on their way to winning 60 matches. The pre-season favorites of the Eastern Conference barely had their full squad together, and their Western Conference counterparts are currently scheduled to participate in the play round. No one has caught the season yet this season. That could change in the coming weeks.

The NBA’s trading deadline is February 10, and while there aren’t any superstars in the market — aside from a specific player on the Philadelphia 76ers’ roster — the contenders shouldn’t have too much trouble finding promotions. Talent abounds in nearly every position. The deadline is still weeks away, but we’ve already seen our first batch of deals. Below, we’ll break down every completed deal between now and the final bell.

Nuggets acquire Forbes in a three-team deal that includes Celtics, Spurs

A team’s trash is another team’s treasure. Bryn Forbes struggled for minutes in a crowded San Antonio backcountry, but he may find more luck in a badly-needed Nuggets side. Neither Paul Bull nor BJ Dozier (out of season due to injury) would have contributed much to the Nuggets, but the Celtics were keen to collect them as long-term additions. In the process, they were able to cancel Juancho Hernangomez’s contract, a crucial step if they plan to avoid the luxuries tax. Hernangomez was once a very productive offensive player, and now, San Antonio will have a chance to see if he can rediscover that form.

Knicksland Reddish from Hawks to Knox, protected in the first round 2022

Hawks general manager Travis Schlink admitted that bringing back almost everyone from last season’s Eastern Conference Finals might have been a mistake, and in an effort to rectify that, he took Cam Reddish to New York for a tight first-round protection that originally belonged. To the Charlotte Hornets. The move opens up some minutes for the winger in Atlanta’s very busy roster, but perhaps most importantly, getting an asset back for Reddish before he is eligible for a contract extension that the Hawks don’t seem too eager to award. Nicks, whose college classmate RJ Barrett coined No. 3 overall in 2019, decided to take a low-risk, high-reward swing on the former lead. Reddish wanted a deal. Now he got his wish.

Jazz trade guard Oni, Thunder’s second-rounder for monetary considerations

There wasn’t much to this deal. Deep in luxury taxes, Utah was able to save a bunch of money on this deal while opening a place on the list in the process. Oklahoma City was happy to absorb it in the second round. This won’t swing the tournament, but it’s the kind of simple on-the-book bargain that Deadline produces each year.

Cavaliers acquired veteran goalkeeper Rondo from the Lakers

The Cleveland Cavaliers opened the season with one of the deepest backyards in the NBA. That changed when Colin Sexton and Ricky Rubio both struggled with end-of-season injuries. That forced the Cavs to find a veteran capable of enjoying some of their minutes, and they landed Rajon Rondo. The two-time NBA champion was pretty much out of the rotation in Los Angeles, so a change of scenery was more than welcome. Meanwhile, the Lakers saved a fair amount of luxury tax money and opened a spot on the roster that proved essential for mid-season maneuverability.

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