3 reasons why Wizards need to trade for Pacers star Domantas Sabonis

The Washington Wizards have been linked to Domantas Sabonis, opening the question of whether or not they should pursue the Indiana Pacers star seriously.

It’s already been two months since the core of Pacers was put into the trading block. The asking price for Sabonis, Myles Turner and Caris LeVert isn’t cheap, so other teams are challenged to craft a package that would tempt Indiana to pull the trigger. The problem with The Wizards is that the big Lithuanian guy generates the most demand, and they may need to pay a high price to get it.

For what it’s worth, former NBC Sports Washington reporter Quinton Mayo reportedly said Bradley Beal gave a “strong endorsement” for the organization to pursue Sabonis. After all, even if magicians had three talented centers and an excess of attackers, none of them were as skilled as Sabonis.

With Spencer Dinwiddy and Raul Neto having trouble facilitating the attack, Sabonis is a formidable secondary playmaker. With a player option for 2022-23 for Beal, Tommy Sheppard must surround the high-goal goalkeeper with assets that will position him to advance further in the playoffs.

All this being said, here are three reasons why witches trade with Domantas Sabonis.

Wizards Trade for Dumantas Sabonis

3. Underestimating the power of playmaking

With Russell Westbrook gone, the crime setup can’t rely solely on Bradley Beal. Their other guards aren’t great coordinators, so adding Sabonis gives Wes Unseld Jr. The ability to start the attack on both sides of the elbow. Similar to Nikola Jokic or Draymond Green, his vision is exceptional in terms of back cuts, dribbling and pickups.

As the options continue to grow, the Wizards’ offense will be even more deadly by shooting Bill, Kyle Kuzma, Kentavius ​​Caldwell Pope and Cory Kispert. In a struggling squad like the Pacers, Sabonis has already thrived in the All-Star twice, but this move could propel him to even greater heights because he would be in the franchise to perform better.

2. Post-Continue Option

In the new era of the NBA, post maneuvers are becoming less of a priority in every coach’s charts. However, there are some individuals like Sabonis who still thrive when a younger man has it. The current list of Wizards lacks a single mass-fed individual who would be expected to produce steady buckets. Having Sabonis in the barn gives Unseld Jr. Another alternative in his offensive plays.

Even when the ball is awarded to him at the post, it does not necessarily mean that he needs to shoot a basket. It could just be a snare for an off-ball movement between four other players on the field. With the brilliance and awareness of Sabonis, these types of setups could be a great way for the Wizards to improve their 17th place in the Offensive Ranking this year.

1. Processors are not a first-class free proxy destination

For organizations like The Wizards, it’s hard for them to add an All-Star caliber individual from the free agent market. Some of the modern big names like Beal, Westbrook, John Wall and Paul Pierce have been acquired through trade or draft. If there is a legitimate opportunity to acquire Sabonis from Indiana, Sheppard can persuade Beal to sign another long-term extension with the franchise.

Similar to the Chicago Bulls’ transfer, they invested their future in acquiring Nikola Vucevic in order to show Zach LaVine that they were adding pieces to him as a cornerstone of the franchise. With Sabonis and Beal leading the attack, this would increase their chances of consolidating their weaknesses even with a talent shortage in the upcoming Free Agent class.

Sure, investing several players and Sabonis’ young assets is risky, but it seems like a smart move for them to make at this point. The Bulls managed to acquire players like Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso to complement their core and even unexpectedly acquired DeMar DeRozan. It’s not too far fetched for witches to have these kinds of people to play alongside Beal and Sabonis, so they shouldn’t miss this opportunity at all and might even pose a sexy threat in the East.

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