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At the start of the season (link), I wrote about a temporary dissolution in SS (Galves) while we waited for a possibility (Lewis, Martin or Wells…if he was acquired in a deal). Fast Forward two months later and Galvis signed with KBO (link). While a temporary alternative to a free agent is still a possible outcome (Iglesias, Villar or even old friend Nico Goodrem), the trade is more fun to dream about.

As I dreamed, I searched for potential trading partners throughout the league, however, instead of focusing so much on my opinion and numbers on baseball trading values, I wanted to get other people’s opinions. Therefore, I reached out to several other SBNation sites with commercial proposals.

My stated goals were to have a starting SS, complemented by options to start promoting with offering Trevor Larnach (22.6) as the best trading chip for the Twins. While some of the discussions were more lively than others and there weren’t some, it was a fun exercise that provided some options for the twins.

Below are the suggestions from the commentators. What trade(s) do you accept (Assuming that each trade is independent of the previous one)?

San Diego Padres:

Trade: Larnach vs. Ha-Seong Kim

St. Louis Cardinals:

Trade #1: Larnach vs. Tommy Adman (21.1)

Trade #2: Larnach for Paul DeJong + Jake Woodford

Tampa Bay Rays:

Trade: Larnach for Taylor Walls + Ryan Yarbrough + Manuel Margot (3.5)

Arizona Diamondbacks:

Trade #1: Lewis (28.7) + Gordon + Jax (0) for Kittelmart + Nick Ahmed

Trade No. 2: Donaldson (-19.1) for Madison Bumgarner

Cincinnati Reds:

Trade #1: Celestino vs. Riley O’Brien (.7)

Trade #2: Celestino + Miller for Vladimir Gutierrez / Tony Santillan (5.5)

Auckland A:

Trade: Urbina + Gray (1.3) for Cole Irvin

Miami Marlins:

Trade: Kepler (23.6) by Eliezer Hernandez + John Bertie / Monty Harrison / Cody Petit

Cleveland Guardians:

Trade: Garver (10.9) + Julien (2.4) / Wallner to Andrés Giménez + Logan Allen / Eli Morgan

Triple difference trade:

Receives MIN Walls (TB), Josh Fleming (TB), and Hernandez (MIA)

TB receives Cabrera (MIA) and Garver (MIN)

The Ministry of Internal Affairs receives Larnach (Maine) and Margot (TB)

This exercise certainly presented several interesting options: While I expect the twins to go off to a high start, they should be on the lookout for these types of manageable choices. As for the SS, players ranged from young leads to costly veteran warriors to facility types, but again they deserve a look because of the need at the center.

If I were the GM of the Twins, there are many deals I would look into. Based on the results of voting and additional research, I will complete a revised off-season plan for the 2022 season. We hope to resume the off-season soon!


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