ADAX CEX Lists FLICK Right After Flickto’s Public IDO By CoinQuora

Lists ADAX CEX FLICK immediately after the public IDO of Flickto

  • Flickto public IDO started with ADAX Ranch Pad.
  • FLICK tokens are now available at ADAX CEX.
  • There is no KYC for trading with ADAXCEX.

Flickto’s Flickto utility token is listed on ADAX Centralized Exchange (CEX), one of the leading cryptocurrency trading hubs in the ecosystem. FLICK-ADA and FLICK-USDT are officially available for trading on the exchange.

In particular, Flickto is a Cardano-based community media lunchboard that aims to create a community space for content creators and their supporters to meet, share ideas and promote each other’s latest work.

Transactions with ADAX do not require KYC verification. All trading pairs are available with only intuitive registration. In addition, FLICK is now available on ADAX CEX. ADAX and Flickto have built a rewarding partnership, including an IDO round and a successful listing on a Cardano-focused exchange.

With Cardano Distributed Ledger, Flickto also acts as a trusted content distributor, ensuring efficient storage and management of intellectual property. FLICK is already freely available on the open market and will be earned by voting and installing.

With a total supply of 5 billion FLICK tokens, it is listed on the Flickto platform and can be used to vote for media projects seeking funding. This allows owners to sign up for NFT Airdrops associated with projects launched via the Flickto platform.

In addition, owners of a FLICK token can use it to check the eligibility of certain distribution rights available from successfully funded projects. Don’t just bet to win more FLICK or ADA tokens.

The concept of Flickonomics, a crossroads of cryptocurrency, media and business, was pioneered by Flickto (FLICK). Since Flickto is a concept related to the production, consumption and transmission of wealth in the media, it combines three aspects for mutual benefit.

ADAX, on the other hand, is an automated liquidity mechanism that enables unregulated and censored-resistant exchanges. ADAX aims to eliminate the need for a central broker by facilitating token swaps, increasing asset liquidity and transforming the DeFi industry around Cardano. ADAX platform users will be able to quickly execute smart contract-based transactions at a fraction of the network cost.

IDO public details

  • Price: $0.01
  • Minimum donation: $10 USD
  • Start: Tuesday, January 11, 13:00 (GMT)
  • End: January 14 (Fri) 13:00 (GMT)
  • Token Lock: Until July 1, 2022

Over the next 12 months, Flickto (FLICK) will launch the platform and launch the first funding campaign to support media projects popular with members of the Cardano Community (ADA).

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