AlgoBlocks: the Front Page of DeFi Investments

AlgoBlocks is a “DeFi Top Page” that aims to raise $1.8 million from seed, retail, and public sector investors (IDO) since the third quarter of 2021. It’s just getting started.

As an all-in-one DeFi management platform, AlgoBlocks aims to simplify the process of interacting with multiple DeFi protocols between different blockchains.

The founding team is led by Joseph Kim, who has over 13 years of experience in financial services and cryptocurrency in Asia. Previously worked at BC Group and Citigroup. Alongside him are Societe Generale, Datum CTO Kareem El Shaho,, BTCC and Facebook CMO TN Ko.

AlgoBlocks is backed by well-known cryptocurrency partners and investors, including MEXC Global, Polygon, Palar Capital, LVT Capital, Lancer Capital, and Supra Oracles.

Benefits of switching to the AlgoBlocksDeFi dashboard

1) Easy to use – The platform is designed with an easy-to-use interface that even beginners can understand. Create a seamless experience so your DeFi journey is smooth and hassle-free.

2) Create and copy investment templates – I do not know from where to begin? You can copy investment templates from profitable investors. You can also create your own for future use or share it to get the code.

3) DeFi management all in one It’s not just about seeing all your investments in one place. It also describes the customization. Get carefully selected investment recommendations from the market, manage all your investments under one roof, and get timely information to make informed investment decisions.

Key Features of AlgoBlocks

All-in-one smart dashboard

Connect your wallet to view, manage, and get actionable real-time alerts about your tokens at a glance.

automation market

Handpicked DeFi investment flow automation can be found in one place, be it betting, harvest farming, or any other innovative investment flow created by you or your community.

exchange assets

It is very easy and convenient to exchange assets with the click of a button. You can also choose the rate at which transactions occur to save gas prices.

Access to popular dApps

Get access to the most popular decentralized applications on the market, including the most popular decentralized exchanges and NFT systems.

Future plans for the DeFi space

Please note – AlgoBlocks will soon announce a DEX Initial Offer (IDO) this quarter within the timeframe specified in the roadmap. More events are planned in the future, including token generation events, MVP beta launch, AlgoBlocks installation, and security audits.

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