Are Women better investors? – #25 by Anon0 – Good reads – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

All data relating to educated women in STEM as well as business and finance fields can be collected from

Official data website of the Government of India,

The same can be obtained from the All India survey on higher education

Then, as I mentioned earlier, women generally tend to be more intelligent than men. But given that men and women have a similar type of intelligence and the same type of training, there is very little chance that women will beat men in competitive fields. Biological advantages usually triumph.

I advise you to build your arguments in a proper way because fitness does not mean that you will also have an aesthetic build. When we say athlete it means the ability to generate more energy output in less time. When we say aesthetic, it usually means your ability to build more muscle.

The ACTN3 gene is responsible for the power output, which is of 3 types RR, RX and XX. RR is considered the best ACTN3 gene for energy production while XX is known to be poor in energy production. Now if a person of type RR does not train then there is no doubt that a person of type XX will beat him easily.

But if a person of type RR trains hard, there is absolutely 0% chance that type XX can beat them in power output since all other variables are held constant. It is a simple biological fact that people with RR ACTN3 type can produce the best energy output.

This does not mean that a person of type RR and RX will always stay ahead in athletic performance, it just means that for the time when RR and RX are in the game XX will not match his level. No amount of training can change that because it’s biology.

Despite this, proper education, diet, and leadership are required to succeed in any field. Still no amount of education, diet and drive can make an XX type generate the same power output as the RR type given to a type RR with the same education, diet and drive.

So it means that for the time, there are men that have equal training as women plus they have the biological advantage of having higher testosterone levels and higher serotonin levels, it is biologically impossible for women to outperform men.

Not everyone has to have a competitive drive, and I don’t have a competitive drive either. But the point is not about competition or not, the point is Your competitive drive can’t make up for your biological advantages.

After that, she took the top ten very emotionally. By the way, you’re right, I’m not in the top 10 and most of the guys I know aren’t in the top 10, but since I work in commission based sales in construction, I definitely have to work with men and women who just don’t qualify for the 10 earnings bracket The highest percentage in the world but also in the category of the top 1% in terms of earnings.

The one thing that is common to most of them is that they value data on personal feelings.

Finally, you fail again in your argument about serotonin required for competition, serotonin as a hormone required for emotional control. Serotonin helps stabilize mood and feelings. Its levels in your body reduce depression and anxiety and help you stay calm and collected in stressful situations.

Both investing and trading qualify for job categories that require the ability to remain calm and gather in high-stress situations.

People with low levels of serotonin when exposed to severe stress suffer from mental disorders that include stress, depression, anxiety, suicidal behavior, and even obsessive-compulsive disorder. Low levels of serotonin also lead to a bone disorder known as osteoporosis.

According to the National Institute of Health, 2 out of 4 working women are likely to suffer from osteoporosis as 1 in 4 housewives are likely to suffer from it and 1 in 8 men are likely to suffer from it. According to the Indian Ministry of Child and Women’s Welfare, the 75% of all osteoporosis cases reported are from women because they are also provided with medical assistance.

More details about available health care plans can be found in the Women’s Care section of wcd.nic or icds-wcd.nic at both state Women’s and Child Care websites.

I can’t help you with your emotional biases, I’m the guy who believes in data. So if the data is wrong, I’m willing to take the chance of being wrong. But for now, all the metric data suggests that men have biological advantages. There is hardly any data to prove other wisdom.

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