Ben Simmons-Andrew Wiggins trade destroyed by ex-Dubs wing

The Golden State Warriors are just one of countless teams from across the league that have been linked with a potential pounce on Philadelphia 76ers star lacking guest Ben Simmons. The Sixers put a ridiculous price on the former Rookie of the Year winner and it’s clear that Dubs will need to give up a significant draw on a potential Simmons deal.

One of the players who has been included in this trade rumor is Andrew Wiggins. The 26-year-old has been a reveal for the Warriors since joining the squad in 2020, and has since established himself as an essential part of the squad. This is exactly the topic of former Dubs winger Dorell Wright as he explains why he firmly believes the Golden State would be foolish to even consider trading Wiggins for Simmons:

“I think this team is perfect now,” Wright said on the last episode of the Dubs Talk podcast (h/r Alex Didion of NBC Sports). “For Ben Simmons, of course you call and just see what’s going on, because he’s a top player, ex-number one pick, and we know all the things he brings into the game. So you definitely want to know exactly what they’re looking for.”

“But I really, really, really like this team, because I think you’re going to have to give up a lot for Ben Simmons.”

Wright makes an excellent point here about the potential for the Warriors to screw up their team if they give up too much for Simmons. Dubs have been excellent this season and they are currently sitting second in a tough Western Conference. Simmons has plenty of upsides, but in his mind, Wright thinks the Warriors would take a pretty big risk trading the three-time All-Star—especially if Wiggins was part of the deal:

“I don’t trade in Wiggins. That would be a huge mistake getting rid of Wiggins,” Wright said.

“Now, if you’re not talking about spoiling anything with the key players, and when I say essence, I mean Clay, Steve and Draymond Wiggins. If you don’t have to touch those four, maybe we can talk a little bit more about making it happen. If it’s going to screw up these guys. I wouldn’t even think about doing that. It’s all about winning now. These guys are getting older and older in their careers and I’m sure they want to win more tournaments, not just one, but maybe more. So if you can keep With those four guys, maybe I’ll take a look at it.”

Then Wright broke down when he realized how “impossible” the proposed trade scenario was. The Sixers know how valuable Ben Simmons is and they certainly wouldn’t give him up on the cheap. For the Warriors, it seems extremely unlikely that they’ll be able to get their first all-round pick without taking a big hit. As Wright described above, this would require having to disentangle its current core.

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If Warriors are really serious about trying to get some value out of Wiggins in the commercial market, Wright outlined the specific requirements Dubs must have in any potential deal:

This person must be a Class 3 & D person. Period,” Wright said. “Because that’s the beauty of having Andrew Wiggins. You’re removing a lot of pressure now on Klay Thompson, he doesn’t have to protect the other team’s best player. So whoever you get for Andrew Wiggins should be able to guard. If he can’t guard, and then can’t bring you a bucket on the other end, then that’s kind of difficult.”

“You’re going to lack wings. The thing about Andrew Wiggins is that he’s so versatile. You can deploy him, you can put him in pick and roll, and you can use his length against point guards if you need him to guard Ja Morant. He’s so versatile, it’s hard to let go of someone like that.” For someone who can score a little better.

“There are a lot of guys out there who don’t have the same intangibles as Andrew Wiggins.”

Again, Dorell Wright points to a number of excellent notes about Wiggins here. There’s no denying that the former Minnesota Timberwolves star has found his groove in the Golden State and has become a very important member of the team. There has been talk of Wiggins potentially earning a spot in this year’s All-Star Game, and based on what we’ve seen of him so far, it’s hard to argue against that idea.

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