Best trades the Spurs must make for Thaddeus Young

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the most interesting teams in the NBA as they haven’t performed well this season and there are many doubts about their future.

Several reports have published that this could be coach Gregg Popovich’s last season, and if so, San Antonio will be in a more difficult position than it is now. They will have to make some smart deals around this year’s trade deadline and throughout the season if they want to get back to where they used to be.

Thaddeus Young is the main business piece, so let’s take a look at the three best deals San Antonio Spurs can make for Thaddeus Young.

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The best Tottenham deals for Thaddeus Young

Tottenham get: Obi Tobin, Alec Borks

Get Knicks: Thaddeus Young

There have been many rumors that the Knicks are looking to trade Obi Tobin, and while this deal might not be for a role player like Thaddeus Young, it might be something the Knicks are considering if they can bring back a star in another deal before deadline and I just want to get On a few other players who think they can help their team win the title.

Tottenham will welcome another young boy with a lot of talent and potential to be a great player in the NBA one day. Alec Burks can also take a three-point shot at a high level, which is something San Antonio might be interested in.

Tottenham get: Davis Bertans, 2022 first round pick

Wizards get: Thaddeus Young

It would be a risky move for the San Antonio Spurs to trade him for a player like Davis Bertans, but if no other team is willing to make a deal, they should do so because at least they know he will play. Although Thaddeus Young hasn’t played in many games for Tottenham this season, and David Bertans isn’t the best player in the world, he’s at least certain to play for them, and having someone on the ground is always better than no one on court.

Tottenham get: George Hill, Rodney Hood, Simi Ogli, Donte Davencenzo

Get Dollars: Thaddeus Young

The Milwaukee Bucks will undoubtedly be looking for someone who can defend at a high level, and this could be a good deal for all parties. Thaddeus Young will be tasked with guarding several of the elite attacking stars in whatever rival team he joins, and in the case of the Bucks, will be tasked with guarding Kevin Durant for most of the playoffs. Clearly Milwaukee hasn’t gotten the kind of output they’ve come to expect from any of these four players this season, but that doesn’t rule out the possibility that they’ll be successful players somewhere and continue to do what they’ve done for most of their careers.

This could be a great deal for the San Antonio Spurs because they will take in Donte DiVincenzo, who is still a youngster who can help build a heart with the rest of the young players to get that thing and help San Antonio get back to where they used to be.

They will also get three other players who have shown throughout their career that they can be above average and more serviceable in this league. They can also be used as commercial bait during this year’s trade deadline and in the summer.

Tottenham get: Joe Harris

Get the Curling: Thaddeus Young

Brooklyn will need someone who can defend and make life difficult for players like Giannis Antetokounmue and Joel Embiid. They might not win the NBA title, as many of their fans hope, if they didn’t have players who would make it difficult for these two superstars.

This might be something Spurs don’t want to do as it would require them to bring back a big contract, but given how good 3-point shooter Joe Harris is, it might be something they care about. San Antonio is not. The best 3-point shooter in the league, so adding a player who is one of the top players from outside the arc to their roster will undoubtedly help speed up the rebuilding process, and will be someone they can keep when they are contenders again in the future.

Spurs have to be very smart about what they’re doing. This is the beginning of a whole new look for this organization and any wrong move could put them at a disadvantage.

Sixers, Allen Iverson, Kobe Bryant

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