Brewlabs is a Project that Makes Sure Crypto Scams Cease to Exist

With the right technical knowledge, creating new tokens on the blockchain and including them in a DEX without intelligent contract auditing is cheap and easy. Therefore, it is very common for fake projects to list their tokens in popular DEXs such as Uniswap and Sushiswap to deceive investors with their hard-earned money. It is clear that even “verified” tokens can be fake, since there are many DeFi tools on the market that fraudsters can exploit to bring the tokens into verification status. There is.

DeFi looks weak if there is no system or platform to validate it before launching a new project token. The massive mistrust surrounding the DeFi space is jeopardizing some of the most promising crypto projects, depriving loyal crypto enthusiasts and developers of their success.

To meet the above challenges, the Brewlabs team wants to ensure that there are no fake crypto tokens. To this end, we have developed a suite of products to monitor and perform smart contract audits of new project tokens. This classifies them as legitimate. Brewlabs will then only integrate these tokens into the upcoming DEX and IDO Ranchpads to restore investor confidence in decentralized finance.

About Brewlabs

Brewlabs was founded by co-founders David Hallet and Jesse Dean. Both are excellent leaders in their respective fields. David’s competence in building CBS Property Group, Australia’s leading property management company, will pay off in the Brewlabs project roadmap. Meanwhile, Jesse is implementing project management expertise to ensure that Brewlabs is a project that integrates the requirements of both crypto investors and the DeFi project it is trying to grow. Declares:

“Crypto startups have no commercial leadership experience and have generally been found to have less community involvement, lack of innovation, and less exposure. This is the generic project. It leads to failure. We are taking the next big step in rationing, bridging the gap between projects that deliver value and scale. of its market capacity.”

The first step for Brewlabs is to ensure the token is legitimate and the life of the project.

Manual code validation is an important step that many crypto-audit services that use automated tools avoid, so even audited smart contracts cannot guarantee credibility. Brewlabs is a step ahead with an experienced engineering team that manually validates all elements of the smart contract code. Furthermore, we design robust smart contracts for new DeFi tokens that lack resources and knowledge, thus providing a competitive advantage.

Not just this. The Brewlabs team wants to ensure that the business projects have long-term commercial goals so that investors can rest assured about the durability of their tokens. Conduct a risk assessment and review your project business continuity plan before joining the project.

The Brewlabs brand’s reputation as a new symbol for Brewlabs has crystallized

The reputation and trust that Brewlabs has built is embodied in the Brewlabs tokens that run the ecosystem. Projects using Brewlabs services can use Brewlabs tokens to pay discounted rates for services such as smart contract auditing, token bridging, web building, and bots.

Investors can bet Brewlabs tokens on Liquidity Farms and earn up to 133.45% APR. Smart contracts can also be created or audited by Brewlabs via Brewlabs tokens or other BSC tokens to invest in a variety of passive income generating products. Owners can also receive new project tokens as an added bonus for keeping Brewlabs tokens.

Brewlabs tokens are undoubtedly tied to the value of legal and solid cryptocurrencies, so they are more likely to appreciate in value. The unique factor of Brewlabs tokens is that they provide investors with additional fixed rewards, also known as reversals, in BUSD.

Brewlabs’ ultimate goal: to create launchers and DEXs that people can trust

Brewlabs’ decisive efforts to promote the success of crypto projects behind real and well-meaning developers will, of course, lead to the development of a Launchpad and DEX that people can trust. Project owners can use Ranchpad to start pre-sale coins and activate trading in the project on the Brewlabs decentralized exchange. Besides smart contract constructions, and franchise agreements that allow projects to assign tokens to new wallet addresses and farms, IDO and Ranchpad provide a robust marketing infrastructure for crypto businesses.

Brewlabs has also developed its own token for token bridging

Tokens posted on the original blockchain cannot be exchanged (traded) with tokens or currencies posted on the other native blockchain. Using an industry-first methodology, Brewlabs ensures that both crypto investors and project owners can use the Brewlabs Bridge to navigate the chains.

The smart contract behind the bridge is programmed to bank tokens in the contract which are only expanded when the bridging transaction is invoked. Every time the wallet uses the bridge, the contract inquires whether these bank tokens can be used. Bridges also accept liquidity from tokens and balance those tokens.

Brewlabs makes the crypto space a safe space for owners and investors

Last year, investors lost $1 million in assets to the Uniswap scam, including fake Metamask tokens. Recently, squid crypto tokens caused a stir among altcoin investors, but it turned out to be another scam that denied investors the right to sell tokens. In conclusion, even if the token receives media coverage and major coverage, there is no guarantee of its legitimacy.

In these muddy waters, Brewlab plants emerge as anchors that demonstrate the ability to change the tide. This suite of products was developed with the aim of re-instilling trust in decentralized finance and blockchain. Several high-profile crypto projects such as Space Vikings, SMARTCAKE, and Dynamix tokens have already put up shows in collaboration with the Brewlabs team. Nearly 48% of the supply of Brewlabs tokens is bet by holders. All of these are the trust Brewlabs has earned and will continue to build.

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