Bullish Exchange Hits Over US$300M in 24-Hour Total Trading Volume

Gibraltar, January 26, 2022(BUSINESS WIRE)– Bullish, a technology company that develops products for the digital asset sector, announced today that since the initial launch of its flagship product, Bull Run, total trading volumes on the platform have now exceeded $5 billion and total trading volume over 24 hours. $300 million watch on January 25th.

The trading platform, launched in November 2021, leverages innovations in decentralized finance (DeFi) with regulatory compliance frameworks, giving institutions and retail traders access to deep liquidity and low-cost transactions.

Key highlights of the 24-hour trading volume on the bullish exchange since its launch in November include:

  • November 30, 2021: $5 million +

  • December 1, 2021: $10 million +

  • December 7, 2021: $50 million +

  • December 9, 2021: $100 million +

  • December 14, 2021: $150 million +

  • January 24, 2022: $200 million +

  • January 25, 2022: $300 million +

An evolution from a traditional exchange, Bullish’s proprietary hybrid order book combines the high performance of a traditional Central Limit Order Book (CLOB) with Market Making Mechanism (AMM) – a protocol that uses a mathematical algorithm to facilitate prices in a transparent market – neutrality and determinism. Bullish liquidity pools provide clients with the ability to manage balanced portfolios while earning negative returns over a wide range across highly volatile market conditions.

Bullish exchange leverages the private blockchain in order to integrate the strategic advantages of the capabilities inherent in the blockchain into the design of the platform, bringing a new degree of security, transparency and flexibility. In combination with WebAuthn standards, which eliminate many of the security vulnerabilities inherent in passwords with public key cryptography, users will experience a password-free authentication environment, creating a more secure setup process and continued account access.

Bullish previously announced its intention to go public on the New York Stock Exchange through a business combination with Far Peak Acquisition Corp (NYSE: FPAC), a special purpose acquisition firm. Bullish Exchange is operated by Bullish (GI) Limited and regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission.

About the rookie

Focusing on developing products and services for the digital asset sector, Bullish has reconnected the traditional exchange to benefit asset holders, empower traders, and increase market integration. Powered by Group Treasury, the new Bullish exchange combines deep liquidity, automated market making and industry-leading security to increase access to digital assets for traders. Bullish Exchange is operated by Bullish (GI) Limited and is regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Authority (GFSC) (DLT License: FSC1038FSA). For more information, please visit Bullish.com and continue Twitter and LinkedIn.

forward-looking statements

This communication includes, and oral statements made by representatives of FPAC and Bullish Global from time to time may be considered “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of the “safe harbor” provisions of the US Securities Litigation Reform Act of 1995, forward-looking statements generally relating to future events or performance. The future financial or operating conditions of FPAC or Bullish. In some cases, you may identify forward-looking statements by terms such as “may,” “should,” “expect,” “intend,” “will,” “estimate,” “expect,” “believe,” “expect,” “potential.” or “continue” or the negatives of, or variations thereof, or similar terms. In addition, these forward-looking statements include, without limitation, statements regarding Bullish Global’s business strategy, monetary resources, current and future products or services, as well as business opportunities potential market These forward-looking statements are subject to risks, uncertainties and other factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those expressed or implied by these forward-looking statements These forward-looking statements are based on estimates and assumptions, although considered reasonable by FPAC and its management , and Bullish Global and its management, as the case may be, are uncertain in nature Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from current expectations include, but are not limited to: (i) the occurrence of any event, change or other circumstances that may terminate the Final Agreements related to collecting Business ; (ii) as a result of any legal action that may be brought against FPAC, Bullish, Bullish Global or others following the announcement of the Business Group; (iii) the inability to complete the business combination due to failure to obtain shareholder approval of the FPAC or to meet other conditions for closing; (iv) changes to the proposed business combination structure that may be required or appropriate as a result of applicable laws or regulations; (v) Bullish’s ability to meet applicable listing criteria following completion of the business combination; (6) the risk that the business group will disrupt Bullish Global’s existing plans and operations as a result of the announcement of the business merger; (vii) the ability to recognize the expected benefits of the business group, which may be affected, among other things, by competition, the ability of the combined company to grow and manage growth profitably, to maintain relationships with customers and suppliers and to retain its management and key employees; (8) Costs related to business combination. (ix) changes in applicable laws or regulations; (10) the probability that an upward trend will be adversely affected by other economic, commercial and/or competitive factors; (11) the impact of COVID-19 on Bullish Global’s business and/or the parties’ ability to complete the business combination; and (12) other risks and uncertainties described in the section entitled “Risk Factors” in the investor’s bullish presentation of July 2021, in the sections entitled “Risk Factors” and “Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements” in the initial proxy statement/prospectus included in the registration statement On Form F-4 (“Registration Statement”) filed by Bullish with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC”), in the sections entitled “Risk Factors” and “Cautionary Note Regarding the Future – Forward-Looking Statements” in the dated FPAC Initial Prospectus December 2, 2020 and filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission on December 3, 2020, in the section entitled “Risk Factors” in FPAC’s most recent quarterly report on Form 10-Q, as well as any other risks and uncertainties that might be contained in any other materials submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission and stock exchanges by Bullish or FPAC. In addition, there may be additional risks that Far Peak or Bullish Global does not currently know about, or that Far Peak or Bullish Global currently believes are immaterial, which could also cause actual results to differ from those in the forward-looking statements. Nothing in this communication should be taken as an endorsement by any person that the forward-looking statements set forth herein will be achieved or that any of the envisaged results of such forward-looking statements will be realized. You should not rely excessively on forward-looking statements, which speak only as of the date they are made. FPAC, Bullish or Bullish Global assume no duty to update these forward-looking statements.

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