Bulls’ injuries could drive up price for a Jerami Grant trade

The Chicago Bulls are watching as their potential dream season turns into a nightmare, which could make them even more desperate to trade Detroit Pistons’ Jeramy Grant.

The Bulls have been one of the NBA’s best stories, making decent off-season additions and being the surprise leader of the Eastern Conference for most of the season.

But they’ve had terrible luck with an injury lately, with all the key players going down at the same time.

With Alex Caruso’s recent wrist injury (is there a player hated in the NBA more than villain Grayson Allen?), the Bulls are now missing Caruso, Lonzo Ball, Zach Lavigne, Derek Jones Jr. Defonte Green and Patrick Williams.

The Bulls watched their first-place portfolio disappear, winning only four of their last 10 games, and falling into a second-place game in the Eastern Conference with the Miami Heat.

The Bulls were one of several teams rumored to be interested in trading Jerami Grant, and they may be even more desperate to do so as their season is likely to fall apart around them due to injuries.

Jerami Grant bargain price is rising and pistons can benefit

It remains unclear if the Detroit Pistons are really interested in trading Jeramy Grant or if they are testing the market to see what’s out there.

The Pistons have all the leverage in any deal, as they don’t have to move him and may just be happy to keep and extend Grant for the long term.

He is said to want an extension in the 4 year/112 million range, which may not be ideal but is definitely a deal the Pistons can afford if that is what happens.

The real problem is that his value may never be higher, as the NBA is wide open and there are dozens of contenders who believe a piece like Grant could propel them to the top.

For the Bulls, Grant will be a man who can help stop their slip, as their perimeter defense has suffered without Caruso and the ball and Grant is the type of versatile defender who can help.

With each hit, the price goes up, because a desperate trading partner is the best kind the Pistons can hope for.

I’ve said in the past that the Bulls might have the best package for Grant, as they can offer a top-tier player on a junior deal, an expired contract, as well as a first-round pick. But now, the Pistons might ask for another pick in any such deal and the Bulls might be desperate enough to say yes.

Get the pistons

Patrick Williams

Derek Jones Jr.

2022 First Round (POR)

2024 first round (protected lottery)

Adding this second pick from the first round would make this deal very difficult for the Detroit Pistons to walk away from and could separate Chicago from other commercial suitors.

Portland could end up being selected in the lottery, which would give the Pistons potential lottery picks in this year’s NBA draft.

This means that they can grab one of the Big Three (Jabari Smith, Paolo Banchero, Chet Holmgren) plus a shooting guard that matches best with Cade Cunningham.

Patrick Williams will replace Jerami Grant in one form or another and Detroit will be a free agent apart from an interesting, athletic and dynamic team.

I’m still on the fence about the bonus trade, especially in a deal that doesn’t bring back a proven NBA player, but Williams will be a top-10 player in this draft, so the Pistons will likely add three other high-profile players with hard-to-miss talents.

The next few weeks will be interesting as the Jerami Grant trade-in market continues to heat up and the Pistons begin evaluating the real offerings.

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