Business Age of Empire Showcases “Play to Earn”, Allowing the Upper Hand of Playing Games and Earning Benefits

SingaporeAnd January 12 2022 /PRNewswire/ – The profitable business game Business Age of Empires (BAoE) is a “Play to Earn” game built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform, where you can play the game for your stakeholders and do business. Provides an opportunity to do. At the IDO event that takes place at the same time January 14, 2022..

Starting from a 2D game, players move to a 3D game with multi-layered encounters. BAoE developers will continue to offer games that are smaller than expected. The critical purpose of BusinessAge of Empires is to create a multi-stage virtual world, the Metaverse, to enhance the gaming experience.

Age of Empires Token Overview and Roadmap to 2023 for Investors and Players

The game also offers competitive advantages with a long-term vision and a clear roadmap – 20% of the game profits will be distributed to investors. Investors can not only profit from the game, but also get more tokens after the game is successfully released.

The Center group is made up of partners who have worked together on the programming and blockchain stage for more than a decade. We understand the importance of money in crypto. Unlike other initiatives, it is technical. It may be strong, but financial expertise, currency inflation is a problem. Game contributors have had great success with other projects and game development that provides players with a “play and win” experience. Contributes to. ” Haji FouCEO and co-founder of BAoE.

In BAoE, players embody cyborgs, discover treasures, and embark on an adventure to learn more about a civilization once famous. It has two player modes, single player and player versus player (PvP), and features basic and engaging gameplay suitable for all age groups. The game also requires creative thinking to discover a variety of gems. In the single mode, players can use the “quick play mechanism” or direct cyborg moves to mine tokens. To make the game more competitive, players can use PvP to enable cyborg battles and maximize their bottom line.

Surrounded by the rapid growth of blockchain technology and the trend of NFT coding, we are rapidly entering the traditional gaming industry with many crypto followers. In addition, BaoE will host other events and release new features such as the Marketplace. The testnet and mainnet game precede the Lunar New Year and Tett celebrations.

BAoE Ascending orbit

The creators of BAoE are committed to making significant progress in the development of the project and the daily completion of the entire ecosystem created by the developers. $500,000 Sold out within two days in seed round. To date, the game has been supported by international projects from a variety of backgrounds, including Grooo International, Meta Ultra Holdings, and DH Inc. These partners have revolutionized trends like Metaverse and blockchain.

“Our partners recognized the potential of BaoE, ​​led by an experienced team, and motivated them to take an interest in us. At the same time, the players were able to see how the game works and the huge amount it offers. I am amazed at the benefits. I am confident that BAoE is not just a generic game, it is a stage Through it users can get both participation and benefits,” added Vo.

In addition, NFT Games are revolutionizing the industry by encrypting in-game objects using blockchain technology. BAoE aims to create a new generation of game ideas that combine the world of blockchain and NFT-based games by building a sustainable community to develop mindsets and skills.

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