Capitrade Ventures Sets To Assist Early Blockchain

NEW YORK, NY, January 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – To support the growth of projects listed on the network capetrade We are pleased to announce that it has been set up to support early blockchain projects.

Capitrade is a decentralized launch platform that provides early DEX for blockchain projects.

$CDE . symbol

Capitrade contains utility codes that users can use to interact with their ecosystem or Launchpad. The token is marked with the “$CDE” symbol. It is also used as a subscription code to access a pre-sale listing platform. Users can earn money through staking and farming. $CDE holders can also approve new TerraIDO projects through a voting process that requires betting $CDE tokens to support the project.

Capitrade offers multiple layers of services that give you access to IDO analysis tools. This feature is for CDE$ token users only. Additionally, features such as multiple value-added metrics, advanced and dark pre-sale filter options, and pre-sale savings target specific $CDE users. Finally, $CDE users will have access to Capitrade Pro.

Capitrade Ecosystem Features

Comprehensive review process for high quality projects

Users can only access high-quality projects using Launchpad. Before a project is listed on Launchpad, it will be checked and audited to ensure that it complies with all standards.

Fair and decentralized finance

Capitrade offers the best decentralized financing process in the industry. Users can use this feature to grow their business and realize their dreams and ideas.

Access to IDO for Terra . projects

Capitrade provides an intuitive and easy-to-use portal for users to access and invest in Terra projects.

Safe and compatible

Capitrade Launchpad is safe and complies with applicable rules and regulations. The project also contains various security measures to prevent users from losing their hard-earned money.

About Capitrade Ventures

Capitrade is the first original launchpad to be distributed on the Terra network. Capitrade is also the primary DEX delivery platform for projects. Capitrade was created to meet the needs of the TerraNetwork project and its support community. This allows startups and existing projects to seamlessly transition from successfully raising funds to launching the platform. The Capitrade team prioritizes the community.

$CDE Token aims to improve the entire token selling experience from start to finish. This project not only benefits the team, but also affects both users. Capitrade’s goal is to expand to a fully decentralized Launchpad platform known to help teams and projects achieve their goals.



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