Cardano IDO LaunchPad “Coollaunch” Seed Sale Continues to

Zurich, Switzerland, Jan. 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – (Blockchain Wire)

Coollaunch The Cardano-based IDO Launchpad project has announced that the IDO Launchpad MVP will be launched soon. Coollaunch aims to be the largest IDOL launcher on the Cardano blockchain.

The Coollaunch team is constantly working on innovations that solve the problems inherent in the IDO ecosystem.

$COOL token users can bet tokens to get more tokens or bet tokens to get exclusive NFT points.

Seed sale details:

Seed sale date: January 11, 2022 (seed sale direct)

Seed Sale Expiry Date:

Until February 11, 2022 or the token allocation is consumed

Customized Seed Sale:

70,000,000 awesome tokens

the price:

1 ADA = 666 USD cold

Seed Sale Link: with a two-round mechanism ensures that all level levels are assigned according to the stake. also works on strong partnerships with influencers, marketing partners, and KEVM developers to create powerful products.

Multi-chain support allows Metaverse, NFT, and gaming projects to raise funds regardless of the blockchain.

$COOL . symbol

$COOL is a useful token built on the Cardano blockchain that powers the COOLLAUNCH.IO ecosystem. The $Cool token is used as a subscription token to access the COOLLAUNCH.IOIDO platform.

cool verdict:

The COOLLAUNCH community is authorized to approve all Cardano projects submitted to Launchpad by Governance Events. $COOL holders can approve a new Cardano IDO project through a voting process that requires them to wager COOL tokens in favor of the project.

cold freeze:

$COOL users can make money by accumulating tokens on an ADA farm, generating more COOL or both.

Protocol users need to participate in voting on the concept of protocol governance. Governance agreements allow users to propose and vote on protocol improvements.

Future vision

The CoolLaunch team aims to be listed on the major exchanges within the next few months after the sale is complete. In the meantime, several partnerships are planned, which will be revealed in the official medium handle by the team. The purpose of the partnership is to disseminate information, educate the community and ultimately increase the growth of the enterprise.

About is a decentralized finance platform and startup accelerator built on top of Cardano that fully supports Cardano’s native tokens, NFTs and Metaverse, providing the DeFi capabilities needed for new applications.







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