Modern Revenue Teams Require A Modern Platform

In a recent survey, 69% of company board members said their companies had accelerated digital business initiatives due to COVID. The world of B2B buying and selling is no different. The challenges posed by the coronavirus have accelerated the digital transformation that was already underway. As we move towards the “next normal” we find ourselves … Read more

Why You Should Change Your Approach to Lead Distribution

Start feeding awesome potential hunters and rewarding them for their efforts in building opportunities by giving them more. Don’t reward salespeople who rely on luck There are all kinds of ways of distributing the potential customers who go into the sales organisation. One of the most popular is the distribution of leads using a round … Read more

How the Best Sales Reps Manage Their Time

There are things you can’t control in sales. You cannot control volatile markets, the economy, competition, unpredictable regions, product releases, and dodgy customers who change their minds. But there is one thing that you have complete control over – your time. The good news is that the way you spend your time will have the … Read more

Avoid These 6 Proven Deal-Breakers to Convert More B2B Sales

“Maybe I shouldn’t have done my best.” Was my first letter too impersonal? “I completely missed my chance to relate our value to the challenge facing them.” When a promising deal does not materialize, it is easy to speculate. And in many cases, that’s all we do as sellers: guesswork. Analytical developments and new technologies … Read more

How Customer Service Destroys A Sales Force

Selling is about digging and working with customers to help them see needs they didn’t realize existed. Selling is not about sitting back and taking orders based on what the customer wants. Too many salespeople don’t know how to sell Ask any CEO and you’ll hear that one of their biggest problems is finding and … Read more

Don’t Do These 3 Things, or the Deal is Dead

One of the most difficult aspects of sales is building a relationship with someone who legitimately wants to buy your product. Everything has to match – the timing has to be right, they have to have purchasing power, and somehow, you need to find some way to connect with them. The last thing you want … Read more