CBD Gummies: Are They Safe to Take?

when you Think CBD GumIt’s easy to think of the many unregulated foods of yesteryear and wonder – are CBD gummies safe to eat? The short answer to this question is: yes if you know what to buy. We will detail it for you in this article.

The emergence of CBD chewing gums

As CBD has become increasingly popular, the means to take it have expanded. It used to be that CBD was available primarily as a tasting hemp oil which wasn’t very interesting. But in recent years, the market has exploded, and smart brands have been marketing a variety of the most convenient and delicious ways to take your CBD.

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol, which is an extract from the hemp plant related to THC. Like its psychoactive cousin, it offers many potential health benefits, but without the high benefits. Some of these potential health benefits include:

In addition to all of this, CBD has a good safety profile, with few potential mild side effects. So, a CBD piece of CBD gum is definitely safe, as long as you look for the source.

Find the Best CBD Brands

CBD is only safe as far as the credibility of the source makes it. Let’s face it, a little research is necessary to find a good brand in an unregulated market. There are plenty of CBD gummies out there, but since the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t regulate CBD, you have no idea what you’ll get unless you dig yourself. Here are some of the big things to look for.

Brand reputation

Only buy your CBD products from a reputable, well-known brand. Look through third-party site reports to see which companies are being talked about the most, then dig a little deeper. Is the company a member of a trusted industry organization such as Hemp Roundtable? Are their products mentioned in quality publications? Do they have a USDA organic label, or are they Certified by the Hemp Association? The first will be clear.

Third party testing by independent labs

It is essential that you buy your CBD gummies only from a company whose range of products has been tested for purity and efficacy by a third party laboratory. This is the only way you can be sure that the product actually contains the amount of CBD that it claims for dosing purposes (plus any other beneficial hemp compounds), and that the product is free of any heavy metals, toxins, or contaminants.

Follow the comments

Once you’re sure your product is safe and effective with lab reports, take a look at what other users are saying. This can be as simple as scrolling through the reviews on the product website itself. Obviously, the more people review it, the better. This means that they have more customers. How is the taste? What benefits do users notice?

Also, don’t neglect third-party reviews. Google the company and product name to see if any other sites have reviewed them. Since CBD gum is more based on taste testing than other types of products, make sure most people think it really tastes good.

What about the other ingredients?

So far, we’ve looked at the CBD aspect of CBD gum. This is the biggest part of the battle. Now we need to check out the other components included. This part will largely come down to personal opinions and tastes. For example:

Is it vegetarian?

As with any type of gum, this can be an important question. Many chewing gums are made from gelatin (a byproduct of animal bones), and unless specifically stated to be vegetarian, they may not be suitable for vegetarians. You will use vegan gum agar or other chewing gum to create the ‘gummy effect’.

Is it organic?

Your mileage may vary on this as well. Some brands use CBD that is extracted from organic hemp, others make their own candy with all organic ingredients, and some are USDA certified organic. (The latter is very rare, it is an expensive certification.) You can get a good feeling by reading the ingredients list.

How “clean” is the brand?

The ingredient list will also give you an idea of ​​how clean the product is. In general, the fewer ingredients on the list, the better. Most people don’t enjoy many additional ingredients, artificial flavors, or additives. The truly transparent company will have a full list of ingredients right on the product page so you can see for yourself.

How to take CBD Gummies

CBD candy, if purchased from a quality source, is very safe to use. But as with any type of wellness supplement, you want to find the dosage that works best for your body. Since CBD is not regulated, there is no standard dosing chart.

If you have a chronic illness, or are on medication, it is best to discuss your CBD dosage with your doctor before starting any regimen. Otherwise, start small and work your way up. Most CBD gummies offer a fairly low dose per serving (anywhere from 10mg to 25mg per gum).

To give a general idea, someone who weighs about 150 pounds could consider 25 low daily doses, 50 mg moderate daily dose, and 75 high daily dose. The amounts change for those who weigh more or less, and of course each person’s body will react differently. Start with 10-25 mg and see how you feel. You can always take more if needed.

final note

If you have children in your home, be sure to keep your CBD gummies out of reach. While it’s safe even for kids in an appropriate dose (talk to your pediatrician), you don’t want a child to misread candy and eat a batch of them at once. There has never been a recorded death from a CBD overdose, but too much can certainly make them feel ill.

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