Chances Of Celtics Trading Marcus Smart — Revealed

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Don’t look now, but here comes the Boston Celtics. They are putting some early season struggles behind and are quietly advancing in the Eastern District’s NBA standings.

Since an embarrassing 25-point lead to the New York Knicks, which ended with RJ Barrett 3 at the bell, the Celtics are back and starting to play very good basketball.

Since that game on January 6, which dropped Boston to three games below the .500 mark, they’ve gone 7-3.

They pushed their record back above the .500 mark and look set to take a tour in the second half of the season. Just four games behind the Milwaukee Bucks in sixth, and last place outside the NBA Play-In Tournament, the Celtics have a chance to continue to advance.

Latest NBA news and rumors: Celtics want to avoid luxury tax; Trade options to do it

Knowing that’s possible, expect Celtics to have deadline buyers. They will do everything they can to stay below the luxury tax line, but they will also look to upgrade the list.

There have been some whispers that duo Jason Tatum and Jaylen Brown could break up, but that’s not something that will happen before the deadline. These two people, along with Robert Williams III, are the foundation around which management wants to build the roster.

The only player who could be on the move is Marcus Smart. Smart was involved in several rumors last season but was stuck to the deadline and signed on to extend this season.

Latest NBA news and rumors: Celtics want to avoid luxury tax; Trade options to do it

Once again his name is circulating in rumours. However, the price of its acquisition is not cheap. Bleacher Report shared the latest update on the Boston guard.

It’s been a few weeks before the deadline, so it seems only fitting that Marcus Smart’s name has once again permeated the business conversation. The sources said Boston’s involvement with Smart would be of great value in return. There is still a feeling around the league that a healthy Celtics unit could do much better over the course of this regular season than the early growing pains of Boston under coach Aim Odoka so far.

What Brad Stevens and the front desk consider so valuable is anyone’s guess. Could the Celtics involve the Atlanta Hawks in a business negotiation centered on John Collins? Atlanta appears to be a natural fit for Smart, as they inquired about him last season as well.

Latest NBA news and rumors: Celtics want to avoid luxury tax; Trade options to do it

Not limited to the assets, Golden State Warriors can also jump into battle. Adding another top-ranked defender can help them separate from the other contenders in the league because they are already an excellent defensive team that will get better every day Klay Thompson removes more rust.

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