Chicago Bears talk about trading Justin Fields is ridiculous and must stop

For some reason, talks about trading Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields have been gaining traction lately. This is just ridiculous and meaningless.

Some people may feel that Chicago Bears have been so bad for so long that they don’t deserve any nice things. This may be the only reason to come up with the latest trade rumors. For some reason, conversations about trading quarterback Justin Fields are getting louder.

After the season ended, the Bears fired general manager Ryan Pace and coach Matt Nagy. Nagy wasn’t able to boost the attack and develop the two young midfielders he had. It was especially frustrating because most people thought the team had finally found the midfielder they had spent decades looking for. That quarterback is Justin Fields.

There is no doubt that Fields struggled in the junior season. But the main reason for this is Naji’s unpreparedness for him. He had an offense built around Andy Dalton and tried to get the Fields to run it too. Dalton and Fields are two completely different players and everyone seems to have seen that except Nagy.

You see, people are talking about this more and more. The idea of ​​trading him is silly, but there are those who call Fields bankrupt and continue to question his work ethic.

The person who tweeted the last post is actually a Harvard graduate. You always need to question someone who uses QBR, which is the formative statistic of ESPN who once played Tim Tebow in the middle better than Tom Brady.

Oh, and talking about fumbling would have prevented these people from getting Josh Allen. Allen suffered 22 allergic reactions in his first two seasons. That was a reason to give it up, wasn’t it? By the way, he had 17 in the last two seasons, but that didn’t stop him from leading the Bills in the playoff rounds.

These guys also bring up the fact that the Bears don’t have first-round picks and the Fields will bring one. Well, let’s look at this reasoning. The Bears don’t have a first-round pick but they do have a potential quarterback franchise. They trade that quarterback until they get a pick in the first round. Since they don’t have the quarterback franchise now, they need to find their quarterback. Oh, and let’s keep in mind that this year’s crop of quarterback prospects is one of the weakest in recent memory.

This looks cool, doesn’t it?

I suspect the main reason for some of this talk is clickbait. Getting this hot shot will thrill the Chicago Bears fan base and people will go to their sites just to see how ridiculous this stuff is. Now that the season is over and the shooting has taken place, there isn’t much to report except that the team did a bunch of interviews. Until the Bears finally make some appointments, there’s not much to talk about.

However, introducing a silly topic like this is a long way off. One of the main reasons Chicago Bears jobs are so attractive is because they have ready-made fields, not because they can trade them. Call me crazy, but there’s no chance the Bears will trade him this season.

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