Chicago trying to get Jerami Grant without trading P-Will

Talk of the city in Chicago will continue to surround any bullish rumors in the few weeks before next month’s trade deadline. The Bulls are still sitting pretty well in the Eastern Conference standings at the moment. But the recent big wave of injuries halted much of the momentum the bulls had found earlier in the month.

It’s hard to know which direction the Bulls’ front office will be headed in on the deadline, though. There are a few options, but this latest wave of injuries could limit what the Bulls can do to raise their status as a contender in the East before some of his key players return from various injury issues.

Prior to this latest spate of casualties, perhaps the most discussed potential trade target for the Bull was Detroit Pistons star, Jeramy Grant. And it still looks like the Bulls’ front office will try to get Grant to Chicago, despite a potential change in spot need in the wake of all the recent injuries.

Bulls rumor has it that the front office wants to get Jeramy Grant without giving up on Patrick Williams

There is a recent event that could give insight into what the bulls are looking to do on the trade deadline, though. According to Bleacher Report’s Jake Fischer this week, the Bulls are trying to find ways to strike a deal with opponent Pistons to get Grant without giving up second-year striker Patrick Williams.

However, the reality of achieving this will be more difficult than it appears. With the number of suitors pursuing Grant from the Pistons at the moment, the Bulls may have to include Williams if they want to seal this deal.

Granted, executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnsovas and general manager Mark Eversley may be more willing to part with more future capital than most Bulls fans realize.

All in all, it will be interesting to see if the Bulls can strike a deal with a team like the Pistons Four Grant, or with Sacramento Kings veteran striker Harrison Barnes. Another path the Bulls can take is just to add more support pieces and wait for key players like point guards Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso to return to the squad most likely in March.

Grant seems to be the biggest move the deadline bulls can make. But to be able to put together a starting unit at some point this season, which includes Lonzo, star goalkeeper Zach LaVine, star striker DeMar DeRozan, Grant and quarterback Nikola Vucevich, will really be something special.

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