CODI Announced The Public Listing of $CODI

Codi Finance announces the public listing of $CODI

Codi Finance announces the public listing of $CODI

Codi Finance announces the public listing of $CODI

Kaunas, Lithuania, Jan 16, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – CODI Finance has announced the listing of $CODI on the P2pb2b exchange to celebrate the New Year. Since the project only started in September 2021, CODI has grown at an amazing pace. The CODI ecosystem has been renamed to realize the project’s vision for the entire DeFi industry. CODI has revolutionized the entire DeFi industry by successfully expanding its capabilities to meet the needs of its users.

By leveraging the DAO’s governance structure, the platform empowers the community to vote on new features, partnerships, and integration. Completely decentralized ecosystem..
Updates to the renamed ecosystem include:

The first product to be released by the CODI ecosystem is the DEX Powerful Lunch Board built on the fast and scalable Solana blockchain. The CODI community can invest in the most promising new DeFi projects. At the same time, the new DeFi project will be able to raise funds from enthusiastic CODI investors. CODI’s IDOL launch pad, COpad, understands that there are many DeFi projects on the market today, but there are “trust barriers” when deciding which DeFi project to invest in. Many new DeFi projects prey on investors under the guise of legitimate and credible projects. to steal their money. CODI developed verification procedures for DeFi products prior to their inclusion in Ranchpad DEX.

P2pb2b $CODI . List

All protocols and features of the CODI ecosystem are designed to be compatible with the project’s token, $CODI. To take advantage of the many benefits of the ecosystem, every member of the community needs to have a CODI token.

code $ p2pb2b . exchange January 15y 11:00 UTC. The list of upcoming CODI tokens shows that the project is ambitious and has a high chance of success. The CODI project will also allow early adopters to enjoy the benefits of early adopters by purchasing $CODI at this early stage.

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