Crypto-Powered ‘Galaxy Blitz’ Announces Over $10 million Raised

Designed by the people behind Supercell’s Clash of Clans, Galaxy Blitz is a large space-themed multiplayer online Play-To-Earn combat strategy released in the second quarter of 2022. It is an NFT game. Galaxy Blitz is the latest innovation in the GameFi industry. It leverages blockchain-powered NFTs and tokens to support a new generation of entertaining games and applications. As the launch date approaches this week, the development team unveiled details of a funding round of over $10 million to help build the game’s financial ecosystem and features.

Just getting started

Set in the distant future, Galaxy Blitz players will play the role of one of humanity’s four unique and highly evolved descendants, competing for control in both land and space warfare. Players can earn token rewards by cultivating or “electrically shocking” their competitors, plundering some of their loot, and participating in an arms race across the galaxy. For pacifists, there is also a wide range of PVE activities that provide compelling folklore, storylines and backgrounds to the world while at the same time generating rewards.

Co-founder Clement said of the next launch: “We are all very excited about the next launch of Galaxy Blitz and are happy with the level of funding we have so far. It is driven by this GameFi industry, which is at the forefront of innovation and entertainment and technology. We are honored to be part of the team. We are committed to providing our users with the ultimate gaming and metaverse experience. The Galaxy Blitz in the second quarter of 2022 is still in its infancy. “

As GameFi straddles many similarities in blockchain space, Galaxy Blitz’s $10 million investment is in the Conflux Foundation, IoTex Foundation, Bitmart & Amplio Capital, Bybit,, Lbank; EnjinStarter, NFTb, and the renowned YouTube influencer. Launch pads such as MoonCarl.

GameFi: New Frontier

After a lot of hype throughout 2021, the “Metaverse” has emerged as an ambiguous future digital reality. GameFi, which will support this future, will be one of the key pillars that will revolutionize the entire digital entertainment industry. Galaxy Blitzs this growing GameFi trend with NFTs to create a combine experience that enables users to become part of a growing ecosystem and shape their development while earning rewards. increase.

The emerging “Play-to-Earn” phenomenon is reshaping the role of “players” and the relationship between development studios and consumers in the future of games. As trends continue, players play an involved role in the development of their favorite games, while also responsible for making important decisions about the future of the ecosystem. This change is driven by the growing popularity of Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) corporate models and is set to radically change gaming and online entertainment.


A large team of 70% developers, 20% designers and 10% marketing and operations is primarily based in Northern Europe, with many of the team members previously Supercell’s Clash of Clans. And worked at Boom Beach. After disclosing the private sale, the team also announced the next NFT pre-sale and IDO, for which specific details about these events have not yet been announced.

The team plans to integrate virtual reality (VR) into the game. Currently, most GameFi projects are relatively simple remastering of classic farming, tower defense, or blindbox games, but the Galaxy Blitz team understands the value and importance of diverse gameplay. .. “Fun” means Galaxy Blitz is working on actually building a fun game that users can participate in. As VR technology advances further, it will be able to support a high quality immersive experience that makes players feel like they are actually involved. Play games and enable truly different world adventures. This experience will be first available to mobile users, and a PC version of the VR gaming component will be released shortly.

In addition, the Galaxy Blitz Ecosystem Digital Economy, which is under development, runs in parallel with gameplay, providing incentive rewards for players and encouraging new users to participate. Specific in-game details of the economy can be found in the white paper along with an overview of the ecosystem’s native MIT tokens’ tokenomics and ease of use. Functionality aside, the team reiterates its vision of becoming carbon-neutral by working with other environmentally-minded teams to buy carbon credits and become a purposeful organization. ..

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