Cryptocurrency-themed Clearwater Beach restaurant serving up ‘DogeDog’ hot dogs, ‘Crypto Cubans’

Clearwater Beach, Florida (WFLA) – A crypto-themed restaurant has opened in Clearwater Beach that also accepts cryptocurrency as payments.

The “Crypto Street Restaurant” opened in December and is located at 309 Coronado Drive.

The owner, Ricardo Valrona, used to run a restaurant and said he wanted to change things up and come up with more independent ideas.

Cryptocurrency was the idea, even if he had to learn a little at first.

“That was what my oldest son introduced me to, and I was on the other side. I was like, ‘You’re going to lose your money, why would you?’ ” [that]”It’s not worth anything,” Barona said.

During a few years and in class, Varuna said he made “360”.

“I decided, ‘Let me do what I have to do to use cryptocurrencies, and people of my age don’t know about it so I can understand it,’” Barona explained.

Crypto Street Restaurant serves a variety of dishes, all named or soon to be named, named after cryptocurrencies and more.

The menu includes home-cooked dishes such as grilled cheese ‘Krypto Cuban’, ‘Dog Dog’ and ‘Network’. We also serve salads, homemade chili and charcuterie. Ice cream bowls are available for dessert.

“There is a lot of seafood in the clear water, so there is less of it. I will show you more, but we started with a classic American movie with a Spanish feel,” says Varona.

Guests can still pay in the traditional way, but diners using cryptocurrency are becoming more and more popular in restaurants.

“It’s growing. So we had a little time at first, but then we’re here. Now it’s like we got it.” [some] Barona said every week. “Mainly Bitcoin, but there are also Dogecoins. There is also Shiba Inu, so meme coins, etc.”

It prints the barcode of the cryptocurrency recipient’s account so that customers can do things quickly and easily.

Valrhona said he received a lot of help from the crypto community, visiting analysts, and more. He can pass this information on to his clients and even help people open accounts with the most popular cryptocurrency services. He recommends places where he had a good experience and talks about the hidden charges he’s faced.

He is very interested in crypto, as the Crypto Street restaurant is mainly for people who are new to it and want to learn, but also enjoy it because there are not many such places. He said it was also for the people.

The Crypto Street Restaurant is open Wednesday through Sunday from 11:00 AM and Varona’s goal is to be open 24/7 by the end of February.

You can check the Facebook page to access the restaurant online. Twitter account..

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