Dallas Mavs Deadline Trade for a ‘Star’ – or For What A Luka Doncic Title Run Really Needs?

White end: 1.21.21

Whether you’re at the end of your coffee, your day, your week, or even your rope, welcome to Whitt’s End…

*Looks like the stars aligned Thursday night with the Dallas Mavericks to continue one of the most impressive months in years and Be “the thing” again in the NBA.

Recent victories over the best-recorded team in the league (the Warriors), one with nine games in a row (the Bulls) and another with 11 games in a row (the Grizzlies) have propelled Dallas up the rankings and onto the front burner. Now the Suns major has come to town, accompanied by TNT’s weird but not injured star Deandre Ayton. With a superb steal and a hat-trick, the Mavs took an eight-point lead at halftime and held that through three quarters. They beat Phoenix by 10 points. And they gave more three points (11-8). And they caught the sun under 50 percent (45.3). Add all that and… I’m still not sure how they outperformed, 35-19, in the final quarter of an eight-point loss.


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