Danger in trading star players

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Daniel Hunter is arguably one of the five best passes in football. As Hunter enters his seventh season in the NFL, he is only 27 years old and has just entered the peak of his career. Moving on from a player of this caliber is not a decision that can be taken lightly or taken lightly.

As I discussed above, it’s all about taking advantage of the return. Over the past five years, we’ve seen an increasing number of premium players trade for great returns. Trading the Bears for Mack and the Rams for Ramsey has been a huge success for the team that has earned star players, and the jury is still out on trades for Jamal Adams, Carson Wentz and Matthew Stafford. The only trade in recent memory where both teams arguably won was Diggs’ trade with Buffalo.

If the Vikings decided to move on from Hunter, what kind of capital could he return to? It would be something similar to the deals we saw above with at least the first round pick to the Vikings. The only caveat we don’t know at this point is how the teams will view Hunter’s health history. He will be removed for two years from major neck surgery and one year removed from the torn pectoralis muscle when he fits in the first week of 2022. When looking at potential business partners, two things must be considered: need and capital. One team that stands out in this aspect is the New York Jets.

Reports have already circulated that she is open to a 10th overall pick and has a great need to rush out since John Abraham’s departure over ten years ago. What would a hunter’s pack look like?

send planes

-10 year selection
-35 year selection
– 2023 Conditional 3rd Round Pick (moves to 2nd Round with 12+ sacks)

Vikings are sending

Daniel Hunter
2023 Fifth floor

I think Hunter deserved several picks in the first round, but I have my doubts he’ll get that kind of comeback due to his recent injury luck. With such a comeback, what would the first four Vikings picks look like?

-10: Bordeaux Edge George Karlavtis
-12: Gardner Cincinnati CP Sauce
-35: Carson Strong, Nevada
-46: Oklahoma DT Perion Winfrey

This stretch would give Vikings a QB from the future, a talented EDGE dash of care, a backslash, and a three-way-disabled intervention to put him alongside Michael Pierce or Dalvin Tomlinson. Regardless of who the Vikings ultimately choose, they need to click on the choices received from whoever acquires the Hunter.


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