DIVO Setup and Optimization – Analytics & Forecasts – 20 January 2022

Defo EA

DIVO EA is a quiet nighttime surfing system with many protective features and settings.

MQL Market prohibits the use of long descriptions and links to various help sources, so a lot should be described here.

DIVO uses the quietest trading time and, unlike other systems, allows you to change the basic settings of the strategy for entering and exiting the market.

Today, more and more systems are a closed black box, this is done ostensibly for ease of use, but in fact there are many pitfalls in such an algorithm.

These systems are usually encrypted inside and you will never know about them, because. You cannot change the internal settings responsible for entering the market.

In fact, you can create an ideal system in which you can determine, for example, 100 profitable trades at a given time, for the pair EURUSD, GBPUSD, etc.

Then inform the users that all the settings are already inside and nothing needs to be configured.

But this is not so, the user must understand what his deposit depends on. Confidence in a closed box is a bad prospect.

DIVO EA is already optimized and has basic settings for EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY, you just need to open three charts and install the system with different settings.

The system automatically analyzes the news and allows you to skip trading these days, for this you need to add a web URL


DIVO EA offers thousands of different ready-made settings for different currency pairs.

All these settings are already available for download, you can simply choose your own or create something unique for yourself.

Settings and a summary of their application:

________________________[  BASED SETTINGS  ]_____

VISUAL PANEL – The visual information panel opens / closes

ENABLE AUTO GMT – the automatic calculation of the median GMT, usually +2 in winter, +3 in summer

The use of rapid optimization – allows you to significantly speed up software testing for optimization, simply removes graphic components

GMT Manual – GMT Manual Setting

Risk Deposit / Loading – Risk factor, shows the maximum allowable drawdown

Minimum stake if risk = fixed – minimum stake if risk = fixed

Magic Number – Unique Number

Use Both Trades – Allows you to trade in both directions, or only one

Using fast pulse – allows you to set the sampling rate for mathematical calculations (every second / minute / hour, etc.)

Wait if it’s a big spread – allows you to block a broker’s big spread

Use SMART TRALL – Use smart tracking of profitable deals

Visual display earnings – allows you to visually display the earned earnings on the chart

Enable Profit Split – Allows you to split a profitable position into several parts (for accounts with a balance of more than $1,000)

CHECK BAD BROKER – allows you to adjust the system in real time for the current broker (including analysis of spreads, slippage, etc.)

Monday Morning Stop Trades – Allows you to disable Monday morning trades when the market is going crazy due to weekend news

Stop Weekend Deals – Allows you to block trading on Friday night, so you don’t leave trades on the weekend

Use Simple Percent Trawl – allows you to activate the tracking of profitable trades depending on the percentage of profit

Use the news filter – allows you to use the big news filter

/ Your Comments on Deals – Your Personal Comments on Deals

_____[ SL / TP SETTINGS ]_______________________________

[BUY] Fixed Take Profit – Maximum Fixed Profit Limit Purchase

[BUY] Buy Stop – Fixed StopLoss to limit buying

[SELL] Fixed profit taking – Fixed maximum profit for purchase

[SELL] Sale stops – Fixed StopLoss for Buy Limit


[BUY] maybe [BUY] Deals – Allows you to activate buy-type deals

[BUY] Transfer Buy Order – Transfer Buy Trades from the Math Account to Buy Limit Level

[BUY] MAX ANALYZE M1 – Quantitative analysis of the mean position of M1

[BUY] M5 First Movement – Quantitative Analysis of the M5 Moving Average of

[BUY] AVR TICKS – Required number of quotations for the account

[SELL] maybe [SELL] Transactions – Activate sale-type transactions

[SELL] Transfer of Sale Orders – Transfer of deals of sale type

[SELL] MAX ANALYSIS M1- Quantitative analysis of the mean position M1

[SELL] M5 . first movement – Quantitative analysis of the M5 moving average for

[SELL] AVR . convulsions – Required number of quotations for the account

_____[ BUY TRALL OPTIMIZATION ]_________________________

[BUY] TOTAL AVR MOVE – Number of quotations for break-even position

[BUY] STEP TP – Draw Compensation

[BUY] AVR TP TICKS – Average value from the latest Total Motion AVR

[BUY] SHIFT TP – shift to average break-even position

_____[ SELL TRALL OPTIMIZATION ]_________________________

[SELL] Total Motion AVR – The number of bids to determine the break-even position

[SELL] Step TP – equalizer compensation

[SELL] AVR TP TICKS – Average value of the latest Total Motion AVR

[SELL] SHIFT TP – Compensation for the average break-even center

_____[ TRALL / TRAILING SETTINGS ]_______________________

[BUY] First entry – Profit amount to activate profit tracking

[BUY] TRAIL PROFIT [%] – break-even ratio


[SELL] First flight – Profit amount to activate profit tracking

[SELL] TRAIL PROFIT [%] – break-even ratio

[SELL] TRAIL STEP – equalizer step

_____[ PROFIT HOLDING ALGORITHM ]__________________________________

[BUY] HELIX START VALUE – Profit amount to reduce percentage TRAIL PROFIT [%]

[BUY] Helix won [%] – Amount of percentage of narrowing

[SELL] Helix starting value – The amount of profit to narrow the ratio TRAIL PROFIT [%]

[SELL] Helix won [%] Amount Narrowing Ratio

_____[ SPLIT PROFIT ]__________________________________

START SPLIT PROFIT – Profit amount to activate splitting

[%] From split profit – split profit percentage


_____[ WORKING HOURS FOR GMT TIME ]_____________________

[BUY] START HOUR – Start trading on weekdays

[BUY] STOP HOUR – End of trading on weekdays

[SELL] start hour Start trading on weekdays

[SELL] stopwatch – End of trading on weekdays

_____[ WORKING HOURS MONDAY / FRIDAY ]__________________

ROLLOVER TIME START (HOUR) – Rollover starts within hours

Rollover start time (minutes) – Extension starts in minutes

Monday the time starts Trading starts on Monday

MONDAY STOP HOUR – End of trading on Monday

Friday start time – Start trading on Friday

Friday stopwatch – end of trading on Friday

_____[ NEWS / CHART VISUAL SETTINGS ]_____________________

Max Broker Spread – Maximum Broker Allowed

СURRENCY – currency for signaling on the chart

You can simply use ready-made sets of files.

For DIVO EA I recommend using brokers with low spreads and slippage, you can contact me personally for personalized recommendations.

if you own A large amount of deposit , it’s better Divide it between different brokers . This way you diversify your trading a bit and you will have less slippage due to the smaller lot size.

This is a long-term strategy and the result will be noticeable within 1-2 months.

welcome, Don’t watch him trade from day to day, If you are not a professional trader and have many years of experience!

The essential characteristic of a normal human psyche (not a distorted psyche of a professional trader) is Loss aversion .

Simply put: the headache of losing money is twice the fun of getting it.

So if you watch the trades day in and day out, your head will spin: even if you have a total profit, you will feel like everything is going to hell.

welcome, Beware of the dangers!

Don’t think that you will somehow avoid the rollbacks.

It happens and you are usually not ready for it.

You should always keep this in mind when trading and only use the risks that you can take.

Use multiple brokers for diversification It will help you smooth out the overall score.

But: All of these brokers should have good overnight trading conditions. Write to me in person if you need specific advice on this.

EURUSD, GBPUSD, USDJPY They are the most liquid pairs with less slippage and overnight scalping works best with these pairs.

Additional diversification across multiple pairs may help a little if the lot sizes are small or not at all (especially if the lot sizes are large).

that it It is better to trade only a few of the best pairs, without trying to use additional diversification to make a small profit.

the The choice of VPS is almost irrelevant , because it uses pending orders.

The pending order is executed by the broker so it’s like 0ms delay all the time, no matter what VPS you’re using. You can also get 2000ms delay with your VPS, it won’t matter and execution will always be on the broker’s side due to the use of pending orders.

Some brokers may Restrict placing pending orders too close to the current price , thus effectively reducing any scalping.

Most brokers do not use this option as it is mostly used by small brokers who work against their clients, but you can check if your broker has something like this on the Divo EA dashboard

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