LondonAnd January 18 2022 /PRNewswire/- Dragonfly Biosciences Limited, The makers of Dragonfly CBD, Europe The largest and leading seed-to-shelf range of CBD oils and skin care products, it is developing a strategy to quickly become a global leader in delivering wellness. Building on its market leadership across the UK, Dragonfly moved to an initial public offering (IPO) on the Australian Stock Exchange last month (December 2021). Public ownership was just one strategic element to establish an Australian beachhead at the center of the Indo-Pacific market onslaught to seize major growth economies. To achieve strong market penetration around United States of America, Thought Leaders Inc. , under a Chiefs Agreement, is comprehensively geared toward achieving high-performance goals across all segments of the U.S. market.

Thought Leaders, an American health and wellness research and development, intellectual property and investment company, has announced that it has received an exclusive US master license for Dragonfly Biosciences, one of the world’s most respected brands of CBD.

Thought leaders planned to launch premium CBD wellness products in mid-2022 Dragonfly in the United States, the world’s largest market for CBD wellness products. Thought Leaders are planning an intense, game-changing direct-to-consumer sales program along with traditional retail distribution in select channels. In parallel, thought leaders plan to develop unique products and launch new segments for the US, based on robust R&D protocols under the Dragonfly brand, which will be exported to existing international markets.

Reagan Savile, CEO of Dragonfly Biological Sciences Ltd., says: “By the award winning and number one CBD brand in the UK, we are thrilled to be working with Thought Leaders, Inc. at United State Under a master license agreement to lead US sales and support all of our markets with their expertise and experience in the FMCG industry. Thought leaders will work with our team on the ground in the United States to ensure the integrity of our business practices. Thought leaders will offer American consumers our proprietary formulations, backed by extensive research and development of new and unique products, with the support of our medical practitioners who will lead new categories in all of our markets. Our stringent quality controls will remain through all manufacturing processes to ensure the highest quality and most consistent product quality, with all innovations to meet the latest consumer needs as we strive to become a global leader in health and recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic. “

Mark Singleton, President and CEO, Thought Leaders, “We are excited to add our flagship Dragonfly US license agreement to our selective portfolio of premium brands, products and technologies. Dragonfly’s mission to deliver high-quality products within a globally compliant, regulatory framework aligns with the thought leader’s vision. We believe that the strength of The Dragonfly brand that is reliably built on its leading, clinically tested consumer products will be warmly embraced by US consumers and retailers alike.”

Notes to editors:

Dragonfly Biological Sciences Ltd. It is a UK based company with an international reach. Dragonfly was named “Best CBD Product” by one of the world’s most respected retailer and pharmacy chain for health and beauty in 2020 and voted the number one CBD brand recommended by Boots customers in 2021. The Dragonfly brand has been established Distribution at leading retailers and direct to consumer channels, providing consumers with proprietary products, which are produced from seed to shelves.

Backed by experts in cultivation, cultivation, extraction, formulation, compliance and training, consumers can rest assured of the highest quality and consistent standards that comply with regulations. These values ​​are translated into all of its markets.

About Thought Leaders Inc.

Thought Leaders Inc is a dedicated investment firm focused on the CBD and plant health and wellness sector. Founded by a team of professionals with a proven track record in the luxury and lifestyle sectors, who recognize the true potential of this market. Their existing investments and network have the potential to lead the category and build equity as the regulatory landscape evolves based on standards, compliance and ethical practices. Thought Pioneers develop and commercialize health and wellness-focused brands and intellectual property that provide a superior consumer experience. They provide leadership for the US CBD market and the adult and medical cannabis sector in current approved states and prepare for federal regulation. Thought leaders are committed to advancing public health by offering their technology under licensing agreements. Their leadership and advisory teams bring unparalleled expertise and skill to take advantage of opportunities in the aligned segmented categories. Thought leaders offer a unique portfolio of products, global distribution capabilities, and innovation capabilities through research and development processes in the United States and international markets. Thought leaders are preparing to disrupt the health and wellness product categories in the sector by working with exclusive, original and innovative brands with strong management teams. With its unique combination of products, global distribution capabilities, and innovation capabilities, thought leaders are poised to disrupt the health and wellness product categories and deliver outstanding returns for shareholders.

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