ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) Market Timer Service 2022: Long-term, Position and Swing Trading for Indices and Commodities

Dublin, January 21, 2022– (BUSINESS WIRE) – The ETF Market Timer newsletter – covering long-term, position-trading and swing trading in indices and commodities has been added to Show.

For long term, position and swing trader trading including ETF recommendations for stocks, treasury bonds, currencies, metals, oil, AG markets and international stock exchange indices and sectors

Find the best ETFs for your portfolio:

A growing segment of the population has a greater proportion of wealth accumulated in IRAs, 401(k)s and other custodial programs that do not allow access to margin, type of transaction (such as short selling) or exchanges where the most dynamic investments are found.

The purpose of the alternative investing newsletter is to discover the best ETFs for your portfolio and make recommendations for getting the best returns.

Trading around the clock:

We live in a world where financial transactions practically take place 24 hours a day. It is not uncommon to find Elliott wave patterns completing “after hours”, on exchanges in other countries. This complicates ETF trading. During normal hours, we may see a strong rally and the “after hours” 5-wave impulse pattern completes and a 3-wave reversal begins, which finds a naive ETF trader holding a losing trade the next day.

To help you manage your holdings, this newsletter provides both pattern completion targets and time frames and specifically focuses on long-term position trades.

  • Salient Features of the Alternative Investments Newsletter:

  • Specific entry and exit dates for key market sectors using special timing indicators.

  • Recommendations are based on Elliott wave analysis and traditional technical signals along with five timing filters.

  • Enhanced ownership timing models based on the timing of funds transferred from the corresponding commodity sectors.

  • Weekly and monthly chart timing signals and pattern completion.

  • Updates overnight for the next trading day’s markets.

  • Recommendations are given as needed.

  • Sometimes short-term swing trades are suggested.


The purpose of the Alternative Investment Newsletter is to provide trading recommendations to medium to long-term investors that leverage long and short positions in:

ETF Strategies Included

  • S&P ETF

  • Nasdaq ETF

  • Gold ETF

  • Silver ETFs

  • Crude Oil ETF

  • Bitcoin ETF

  • T Notes ETF

  • Platinum ETF

  • Wood ETF

  • Banking ETF

  • Copper ETF

  • ETF Grain Commodities

  • Lithium ETF

  • Natural Gas ETF

  • ETF rare earth metals

  • Solar ETF

  • Cotton ETF

  • Euro ETF

  • ETF Games

  • Healthcare ETF

  • ETF Real Estate

  • ETF positions

What is included in the ETF Timer Daily

morning report


  • Specific trading strategy

  • Overnight news ratings

  • Major calendar updates

  • Pre-opening comments for listed markets

  • Faults of the Elliott Wave Cycle

  • Big picture perspective and developments

The daily volume of reports and updates may increase or decrease to keep pace with market volatility

Benefits include

Main cycle timing signals

Gann’s research and hidden secrets as well as in-depth Elliott Wave research provide insights beyond traditional paradigms

5 types of cycle analysis

With 23 years of experience, we are not caught by the same traps and false signals that many other analysts fall into.

Specific business recommendations

Proprietary timing models help filter out ambiguous patterns and indicate market strength or weakness during periods of the day, as well as trends for a particular market day or week.

Key summaries

Summarizes and highlights the most important news developments and their potential impact

Long term recommendations

Long-term guidance to help grow and protect your portfolio

Pre-opening comments

Published at night with updates available during the day

Target audience includes:

Small investors, commodity and stockbrokers, small fund managers, hedge fund managers, currency traders, metal dealers, bankers.

Connecting: The ETF Timer is published on a daily basis.

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