Finding the next generation of Multi-baggers – #4 by Tara – Trading – Trading Q&A by Zerodha

Would you pick a stock for tomorrow, a year from now, or the next 20 years?

I’ve spent a lot of time checking stocks, what’s the next multibagger, or which company will thrive? Seriously, finding the right company to invest in can be challenging, as there are more than 5,000 companies listed on the stock exchange.

I have always invested with a goal in mind or a time frame. I know that SIPs are one way to build wealth over time. But how do you find and ride a stock with a return of 10,000% or higher? Finding what’s hot and what will thrive in the future is an idea that stuck with me.

Identifying and investing a 100X return stock, in my opinion, is just realizing what’s going on and using common sense to connect the dots.

Everyone has heard of Eicher, Page Industries, and other companies that have generated huge returns for investors.

Page Industries Ltd.

Deep down, everyone wants to find a company or business like this. The choice of an industry has not yet been noticed. This needs a little work, keeping track of what people are consuming the most? Any revolutionary launch expected, finding the company and then going through the financials.

So here’s the little I’m looking into more.

Solar and renewable energy.

India is an ideal country for solar energy, we get a good amount of sunlight throughout the year. As a country, given the initiatives implemented by the Government of India. There is a good opportunity for business growth. Consider global warming. We must eventually explore ways to generate clean, renewable energy. Solar energy is a zero-emission, all-green energy source.

I also believe that adapting to the modern lifestyle will increase the use of electricity. If you see the new generation it will include air conditioning, multiple TVs, and other amenities. People will eventually consider producing their own electricity to make up for this use.

Rooftop Solar has become very affordable and saves a significant amount of money over time. The government is even pushing for green energy use through schemes like solar rooftop yojana.

As a result, companies such as Tata Power, Waaree Renewable Technologies Ltd, Sterling, Wilson Renewable Energy Ltd and others may benefit.

If you’ve seen Tata Power, we know Tata is developing an EV ecosystem, including the installation of public EV charging stations. They are leading providers of rooftop photovoltaic solar panels in the city, and solar water pumps for farms. According to the company’s financial statements, demand has rebounded after Covid. The company reported strong demand across residential and commercial customers.

Take a look at Tata Power’s performance over the past year.

stock brokerage

As one can see, the number of market participants in India has increased. According to sources, there is a rise in opening demat accounts. Today’s brokerage firms are thriving and growing at a rapid pace. You must have noticed that a lot of new players have entered the brokerage business.

As a result, I’m sure the warehouse will have more demat to manage and stand up to get more business. Even on exchanges, the higher the participation, the higher the exchange transaction fees.

Angel One, CDSL, ICICI Securities Ltd, Central Depository Services (India) Ltd and BSE are a few of the stocks associated with the brokerage.

Mad cow last year.

I know we’re all inspired by the stories of Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, so if you think you’ve found the next giant, Eicher, or Asian Paints. Shares do share a few reports and your opinions.

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