GemUni disrupts crypto gaming with the Decentralized NFTs Gaming Platform for Play To Earn

great start
Since its announcement, GemUni has been buzzing with activity and milestones for three months. Last December, the INO grand opening event that featured guests from prominent gaming and blockchain organizations marked the first time that GENI Pass NFT was shown in multiple NFT markets. The GENI Pass NFT from GemUni is very popular among cryptocurrency and gaming enthusiasts, with thousands of GENI Pass NFTs being sold. With a good starting point, GemUni has announced beta tests and a mini Christmas challenge, encouraging players to take part in multiple challenges and win project tokens.

A great partner portfolio and a promising roadmap for 2022
A few days before IDO, GemUni continued to reach another stage 2 million dollars from investors. At this point, the project is a portfolio of more than 30 individual investors and partners, including well-known venture capitalists such as Kyber Ventures, Shima Capital, ZBS Capital (CryptoDiffer), Kyros Ventures (Coin68), Gain Associates, ZipMex and HG. I’m proud. special projects.

Earlier in January, GemUni announced a promising roadmap for 2022. In addition to the casual gaming platform with over 500 games released in the first quarter, the project also announced a premium gaming platform featuring upcoming games like Olympus, Hero Infinity and Cyber Race and Moon 2050.. ..and Zodiac Boom. The NFT Marketplace also supports players’ NFT trading activities. Finally, features like GemUni Launchpad, DAO Treasury, SideChain for IGO and INO will be released in the second quarter.

With this ambitious plan for 2022, GemUni looks forward to partnering with game studios, ambassadors, and global artists to create a first-class decentralized NFT gaming platform.

GameFi IDO, red kite, Crystal continued Jan 19 2022
Based on January 19GemUni will carry out the initial DEX demo with 3 lunch pads GameFiAnd red kite, when KrystalGO…at the official price of 0.2 dollars For each code, GemUni will evaluate the project 20 million dollars me too.

GemUni boasts an impressive leadership team, including CEO and founder Kathy Nguyen The Startup World Cup 2019 in Silicon Valley. The project’s advisory board is led by Peter Vesterbacka, formerly Mighty Eagle of Rovio Entertainment (Angry Birds Game).

CEO and Founder of GemUni Kathy Nguyen Her team works day and night to bridge the gap between games and the new Play-to-Earn model to create an ecosystem for 3.2 billion gamers and studios around the world. he is called.

“I haven’t seen a fuss about this mix of gaming and the crypto economy,” she said. “We are proud to be the first Play-to-Earn platform for a gaming experience that everyone loves. Now everyone can enjoy fun and easy games in the real world. In your own time while you gain value.”

GemUni aims to be the “Distributor of Steam” for NFT Play-to-Earn Games. This is the ultimate destination for an extraordinary GameFi experience. continued Jimoni For the latest information about the project January 19 GameFi IDO, red kiteand Krystal GO.

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