Global ATV and UTV Market Analysis, 2022-2028 – Growing Use in Military Activities –

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The report estimates that the global ATV and UTV market is expected to register a growth rate of 6.65% during the estimated phase 2022-2028.

Factors such as the growing prominence of adventure sports, supportive government rules, and the increasing use of ATVs and UTVs for military activities are driving the market forward. These quad bikes are in high demand in the military sector due to their superior mobility for tactical operations. Moreover, its high flexibility and navigational capabilities provide convenient guidance for operators.

Conversely, bans on driving in wildlife locations and high maintenance costs are negatively impacting the robust growth of the ATV and UTV market.

Regional Outlook

The global ATV and UTV market consists of North America, Asia Pacific, Europe, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa regions.

North America dominates the global ATV and UTV market, and is expected to continue its strength through 2028. Several notable companies are introducing new service vehicles across Canada, influencing the adoption of ATVs and UTVs. For example, Mahindra Roxer has launched a side-by-side UTV in Canada. Furthermore, UTVs are in great demand in the defense industry due to their effective patrol of combat tactics. Furthermore, these quad bikes have gained traction among farmers in the United States. All of these factors are fueling the growth of the ATV and UTV market within the North American countries.

Competitive outlook

Major players in the ATV and UTV market include Yamaha Motor Co Ltd, Honda Motor Company, Deere and Company, Polaris Industries Inc, Suzuki Motors Corporation, BRP Inc, Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Kubota Corporation, Textron Inc, Kwang Yang Motor Co Ltd, and Hisun and CFmoto.

The main topics covered

1. Global ATV and UTV Market – Summary

2. Industry prospects

2.1. the main ideas

2.1.1. The increasing use of four-wheel drive vehicles on uneven roads

2.1.2. Increased ATV experience areas

2.1.3. CVTs are increasingly penetrating SUVs

2.2. Impact of COVID-19 on the ATV and UTV Market

2.3 Porter’s Five Forces Analysis

2.3.1. Threat of newcomers

2.3.2. The threat of alternatives

2.3.3. Supplier bargaining power

2.3.4. Bargaining power of buyers

2.3.5. The threat of competitive rivalry

2.4 Key purchase impact analysis

2.4.1. Government regulations

2.4.2. the price

2.4.3. Request

2.5 Market Attractiveness Matrix

2.6. Seller scorecard

2.7. Key Market Strategies

2.7.1. Contracts and Partnerships

2.7.2. Commercial expansions and divestitures

2.7.3. New product launch

2.8 Market Drivers

2.8.1. Adventure sports are growing in popularity

2.8.2. Increased use of ATV and UTV in the military field

2.8.3. Government bases that support ATVs and UTVs

2.9 Market Challenges

2.9.1. Ban on driving in wildlife areas

2.9.2. high maintenance cost

2.10. Market Opportunities

2.10.1. Making ATVs and UTVs Safer

3. Global ATV & UTV Market – By Vehicle Type

3.1 ATV

3.2 UTV

4. Global ATV and UTV Market – By Displacement

4.1 <400 (cc)

4.2 400-800 (cc)

4.3 > 800 (cc)

5. Global ATV and UTV Market – By Fuel Type

5.1 Petrol

5.2 diesel powered

5.3 Electric powered

5.4. Solar powered

6. Global ATV and UTV Market – By End User

6.1 Entertainment

6.2 Sports

6.3 Agriculture and Utilities

6.4 Army and Defense

6.5. Other end users

7. Global ATV and UTV Market – Regional Outlook

7.1 North America

7.2 Europe

7.3. Asia Pacific

7.4. Latin america

7.5 Middle East and Africa

8. Competitive landscape

8.1 BRP

8.2 CFmoto

8.3 Dir & Co.

8.4 Hyson

8.5 Honda Motor Company

8.6 Kawasaki Heavy Industries

8.7 Kubota Corporation

8.8 Kwang Yang Automobile Co., Ltd.

8.9 Polaris Industries Inc.

8.10. Suzuki Motors Corporation

8.11 Textron Corporation

8.12. Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.


9.1 Scope of Research and Output

9.2. data sources

9.3 Scientific Research Methods

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