Global microRNA (miRNA) Market Research Report 2021:

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The global microRNA (miRNA) market will reach $485.3 million by 2026

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis, the global microRNA (miRNA) market of $225.5 million in 2020, is expected to reach a revised size of $485.3 million by 2026, at a compound annual growth rate of 13.8% during the analysis period.

Products, one of the segments analyzed in the report, are expected to register a compound annual growth rate of 12.2% and reach $290.1 ​​million by the end of the analysis period. After a comprehensive analysis of the commercial effects of the epidemic and the resulting economic crisis, the growth in the service sector was readjusted to a compound annual growth rate of 15.7% for the next seven years.

Key drivers driving growth in the global microRNA market include increased awareness, increased focus on research and development activities, growth of advanced and well-regulated technology, increase in government initiatives globally, escalation of government investments in healthcare, along with advances in genetic and molecular biology technologies.

The growth of microRNAs in oncology can be attributed to the increasing burden of cancer as well as other cardiovascular diseases, broader therapeutic applications, lower sequencing cost, and greater acceptance of the technology. Increased adoption of microRNA in emerging countries such as India, China and others will provide new opportunities for growth. The increasing use of microRNA biomarkers is driving growth in the market.

These biomarkers play a particularly important role in data-driven methods, and genome-based studies at the population level because they show high reproducibility and robustness compared to conventional procedures. Furthermore, the increasing importance of liquid biopsies is increasing their popularity in the discovery and development of biomarkers. However, the increasing demand for highly skilled employees and challenges related to internal development are major obstacles to growth in the global market.

The US market size is estimated at $107.8 million in 2021, while China is expected to reach $50.7 million by 2026.

The US microRNA (miRNA) market is estimated to be around US$107.8 million in 2021. China, the second largest economy in the world, is expected to reach a projected market size of US$50.7 million by 2026, following a compound annual growth rate of 17.7 % during the analysis period. Other noteworthy geographic markets include Japan and Canada, both of which are expected to grow at 12.1% and 13%, respectively, during the analysis period. Within Europe, Germany is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of approximately 12.5%.

The North American region dominates the global market, due to technological advancements, government support, and excellent medical reimbursement facilities. The increased clinical trials seeking to develop new diagnoses and treatments, particularly in the United States, is another major driver of growth. The growth in the European market is due to increased funding towards research in countries such as Germany to encourage entry of start-ups into the molecular diagnostics industry, particularly in microRNA.

The microRNA market in Asia Pacific is likely to gain significant momentum due to increasing consumer awareness, rapid growth in population, supportive government policies, modernization of healthcare infrastructure, and rising foreign investment in developing countries like India and China in the regional market. The Asia Pacific region will also be driven by advances in proteomics and genomics along with increased adoption of new tools that help achieve research goals.

Main topics covered:


Secondly. Executive Summary

1. Market Overview

  • Introduction to MicroRNA
  • The impact of Covid-19 and the looming global recession
  • 2020 is a year of turmoil and transformation
  • As the race between the virus and vaccines intensifies, where is the global economy heading in 2021
  • Impact of COVID-19 on the mRNA market
  • Global market prospects and forecasts
  • The global miRNA market is set to witness rapid growth
  • Diagnostics department is leading the market
  • MicroRNAs potentially useful in diagnosing and treating diseases
  • Polymerase chain reaction (PCR) dominates the tool category
  • Academic and government research institutes have the largest share
  • North America dominates the global miRNA market, and Asia Pacific is experiencing steady growth
  • Contest
  • Increased focus on research and development by players to boost market growth

2. Focus on identifying players

  • Abcam Plc
  • Agilent Technologies, Inc.
  • Biodynamics Laboratory Corporation
  • Biogenex
  • Bio-Rad Laboratories Company
  • BioVendor – Laboratory Medicine Like
  • Darmacon, a subsidiary of the Horizon Discovery Group.
  • F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd
  • GeneCopoeia, Inc.
  • HTG Molecular Diagnostics, Inc.
  • Lexogen GmbH
  • Meridian Bioscience
  • Miltenyi Biotec
  • NanoString Technologies, Inc.
  • New England Biolabs
  • Norgen Biotech Corp
  • OriGene Technologies, Inc.
  • Promega company
  • Quantabio
  • SeqMatic LLC
  • Systemic Scotland Ltd
  • Bioscience System LLC
  • Takara Bio Inc
  • Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc.
  • TriLink BioTechnologies Inc.

3. Market trends and drivers

  • Increasing incidence of infectious diseases and chronic conditions to help miRNA market Gallup in the future
  • Increased application in cancer diagnostics as vital indicators to drive market growth
  • The future of miRNA-based cancer biomarkers
  • Continuous increase in risks and threats from infection leads to healthy market growth
  • MicroRNA biomarkers hold promise for infectious disease diagnosis
  • Focus on developing miRNA-based therapies bodes well for market growth
  • Increasing investments in Mirna to boost market growth
  • Diagnostic and treatment investments
  • Standard methods used to measure miRNA biomarkers
  • Advances in detection methodologies focus on enhancing the sensitivity and selectivity of miRNA detection
  • Increasing Demand for Liquid Biopsies to Drive MicroRNA Market
  • Mirna by type of gastrointestinal cancers
  • Circulating miRNAs as cancer detectors
  • The demographics of aging add to the global burden of chronic disease, providing market opportunities
  • Increased global healthcare spending and supportive government initiatives boost market prospects
  • miRNA and next generation sequencing
  • market restrictions
  • Insights into Mirna Applications
  • cancer
  • The role of miRNA in cancer cells
  • DNA repair and cancer
  • heart disease
  • Mirna -712
  • Human homolog – microRNA-205
  • Kidney disease
  • Nervous system
  • brain attack
  • Alcohol
  • obesity
  • coagulation

4. Global market perspective

Third. Regional Market Analysis

Fourthly. Competition

  • Total companies identified: 64

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