Global Size of Scar Treatment Market Expected to be Worth $26.76 Billion by 2029, at 9.9% CAGR: Polaris Market Research

New YorkAnd January 18 2022 /PRNewswire/ – Polaris Market Research recently published a research report on “Scars market share, size, trends, industry analysis report, by product [Topical Products (Creams, Gels, Silicon Sheets, Others), Laser Products (CO2 Laser, Pulse-dyed Laser, Others), Injectables, Others], by type of scar, by end use; by region; Sector Outlook, 2021-2029″ in its research database.

According to a research report published by Polaris Market Research, the global scar treatment market size expected to reach 26.76 billion US dollars by 2029 From 12.23 billion US dollars In 2020, in a Compound annual growth rate of 9.9% During the forecast period 2021 to 2029.

What is the scar treatment market? How big is the scar treatment industry?


The increasing demand for various cosmetics and scar removal products is attributed to the growth of the global market for scar treatment. Scars play a major role in stimulating the consumption of various scar treatment products. Decisive factors such as the increasing prevalence of various skin diseases, the growing aesthetic sense of skin rejuvenation among the population, and the increasing responsiveness to the availability of various wound treatments open up opportunities for market development. The scar treatment market is set to witness steady growth during the forecast time frame.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected the outlook for the industry in several ways. The market has seen a slight decrease due to lockdown restrictions and the number of invasive and non-invasive procedures for treating scars such as laser treatments and injection procedures. However, after the outbreak of COVID-19, the majority of individuals will continue to wear masks in public which may lead to common side effects such as redness, swelling, blisters, irritation and possible scarring. This can bring new market opportunities.

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Highlights of the report:

  • Progressive industry trends in the Scar Treatment Market to help players develop effective long-term strategies
  • quantitative market analysis
  • Estimating the demand for scar treatment in various industries
  • Recent developments to understand the competitive scenario
  • Trends and forecasts combined with the factors that drive and constrain industry growth
  • Detailed overview and segmentation of the market as well as its dynamics in the industry
  • Analysis of the impact of COVID-19

The best players in the market

  • Smith & Nephew plc
  • Soneva Medical
  • Lumens
  • CCA Industries Inc.
  • Merz Pharmaceuticals LLC
  • Molnlycke Health Care AB
  • Sonoma Pharmaceutical Co
  • Newmedical Technology Inc.
  • mockery

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Answer the main questions:

  • Who are the major major players and what are their major business plans in the scar treatment market?
  • What are the main concerns of the Five Forces Analysis?
  • What are the different prospects and threats that traders face?
  • What are the strengths and weaknesses of the major vendors?
  • What are the key trends that are having a positive impact on market growth?
  • What growth opportunities can emerge in the industry in the coming years?

Scar Treatment Market: Leading Growth Factors

The increasing incidence of road accidents, burn injuries, stretch marks and other causes are among the high impact impact factors driving the growth of the global scar treatment market. Population Reference Bureau data shows that there are about 50 million road traffic injuries reported each year. According to the American Burn Association, more than 485,000 cases of burns are reported in the United States each year.

Also, the increasing awareness of customers regarding the various scar treatment options is one of the major factors that promote the development of the market. Many additional skin related problems such as post-operative marks, acne, stretch marks due to pregnancy or changes in body weight, and burn marks lead to the adoption of scar treatment, which can be related to the growth of scar treatment market.

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Global Scar Treatment Market: Main Segmentation

Insight by type:

On the basis of product type, the market is segmented into topical products, laser products, and injections. In 2020, topical products captured the largest share with 58.0%. Creams, gels, and silicone pads are widely used by individuals as a treatment for scars. These products are readily available to consumers as over-the-counter (OTC) products. Laser products also enable individuals to use them as a painless alternative to treating scars with minimal discomfort.

Other topical products include compression garments such as elastic bandages, oils, sprays, and ointments. Compression garments are non-surgical and can be easily used at home without any medical advice. However, the products take around 6 to 12 months to deliver noticeable results which is expected to hamper the growth of the segment during the forecast period.

Insights by scar type

Atrophic scars recorded the largest share of 36.4% in 2020 and are expected to dominate the treatment market in the coming years due to the increasing appearance of acne scars. Topical creams and gels are used to treat these scars. Hypertrophic and keloid scars are expected to notice significant growth during the expected period as people with injuries often have these scars. Atrophic scars are usually the result of a loss of fat and muscle from the body over the affected area.

Treatments selected for these scars encourage the skin’s natural healing process to replace elastin, collagen and other fibrous tissues. Treatments used for these scars such as creams, gels and ointments allow the surface of the healed lesion to grow around the surrounding area. Thus, the increasing market demand for aesthetic appeal, reinforces the need for such topical products, leading to dominance of the sector worldwide. The hypertrophic scars and keloids segment is expected to witness significant growth during the forecast period.

end use insights

Hospital segment of scar treatment industry dominated the market with 43.0% share in 2020 due to the use of advanced infrastructure and availability of technologically advanced products in these places for scar treatment. The rapid growth of websites and the ease of access to scar treatment products on these websites enabled the retail/e-commerce pharmacy sector to register the fastest growth during the forecast period.

Hospitals provide patients with primary emergency care services for conditions such as cuts, burns, and other serious injuries. In many cases of burn care, hospitals pay special attention to patients to aid in the healing process. In addition, hospitals usually perform non-surgical procedures such as silicone sheets, creams, gels, and laser treatments. Therefore, these facilities offered by hospitals are fueling the growth of the sector to a great extent.

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Global Scar Treatment Market: Scope of the Report

Report feature


Market size 2020 value

12.23 billion US dollars

Market Outlook 2029

26.76 billion US dollars

Expected growth in compound annual growth rate

9.9% compound annual growth rate from 2021 to 2029

base year


prediction year

2021 – 2029

The best players in the market

Smith & Nephew PLC, Suneva Medical, Lumenis, CCA Industries, Inc. , Merz Pharmaceuticals, LLC, Mölnlycke Health Care AB, and Sonoma Pharmaceuticals, Inc. , and Newmedical Technology Inc. , and Cynosure.

covered slices

By product, scar type, end use, and area

Geographical coverage

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East and Africa

Customization Options

Customized purchasing options are available to meet your research needs. Explore customized purchasing options

Geographical overview

North America It has emerged as the most important revenue contributor in 2020 thanks to the high aesthetic awareness among the people and the rapid adoption of advanced products. The demand for advanced laser tools in the treatment of scars is high in the United States. For example, the American Burns Association (ABA) 2020 report showed that there are about 486,000 serious burn injuries in United State annually. However, many US government reimbursement policies cover the treatment of scars from burn injuries.

Asia Pacific It is expected to represent the highest compound annual growth rate during the forecast period due to the high rate of road accidents in countries like India. Increasing investment by major multinational companies in research and development in countries including India And China are the main factors driving industries in the region.

Browse file [117+ Pages] Detailed Report “Scars market share, size, trends, industry analysis report, by product [Topical Products (Creams, Gels, Silicon Sheets, Others), Laser Products (CO2 Laser, Pulse-dyed Laser, Others), Injectables, Others], by type of scar, by end use; by region; Sector Outlook, 2021-2029″ With in-depth table of contents:

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The market is mainly segmented on the basis of product, scar type, end use, and region.

Scar Treatment Market: According to Product Forecast

  • topical products
    • creams
    • jelly
    • silicone sheets
    • Aharon
  • laser products
    • CO laser
    • Pulsed dyed laser
    • Aharon
  • injection
  • Aharon

Scar Treatment Market: By Scar Type

  • Atrophic scars
  • Hypertrophic keloid scars
  • shrinkage scars
  • Stretch marks

Scar Treatment Market: By End-Use Forecast

  • Hospitals
  • clinics
  • Retail pharmacies / e-commerce

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