Hawks, Timberwolves still interested in trading for Ben Simmons

The Philadelphia 76ers are sure to make a slew of trade shows between now and the February 10 trading deadline as they continue to move forward with their season.

The Sixers is still considered one of the contenders in the East due to the elite playing of Joel Embiid and how he threw the franchise on his back. Therefore, they will want to take advantage of his play and try to move on from Ben Simmons in order to bring a player to help the great companion.

However, Philadelphia’s high asking price seems to be no match as they are asking for one of the top 25 players in the league for Simmons. The Sacramento Kings were a team trying to get into Simmons, but the asking price was too much for them and they were out of the race.

While the Sixers are known to be willing to wait for James Harden in the off-season, there are still two more teams at Simmons. Per ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski, these two teams are Atlanta Hawks and Minnesota Timberwolves:

I think there’s no shortage of teams wanting to put Ben Simmons on the list, but the list of teams that want to meet the Sixers price or even actually get involved with the Sixers is now getting shorter and I think there are teams like Atlanta. They definitely have an interest in him there. There are a number of others. Minnesota Has An Interest, But Is There A Way To A Deal? And I think that’s the tricky part for the Sixers right now is how much they’ll have to lower the asking price to get a deal on the deadline and for Philadelphia, listen, they have the support and the in-house ownership, even Joel Embiid in our understanding and we’ve talked a lot about this, if they hammer out A deal that doesn’t bring them back a package that allows them to compete for a championship, it wouldn’t make sense what Ben Simmons signed for years to come, but we certainly understand the pressure due to Embiid’s way of playing.

As the Sixers head into Saturday’s game with the Kings, they are 29 to 19 years old and are right there in the midst of the competition to earn the East seed once again. That’s why they’re willing to wait for Simmons and hope he’ll be able to rejoin the team after the deadline, adds Woj:

This is a 10-game team, 29-19 I think we’re talking today, only two games out of number one in the East, and I think there’s still always hope to get past the trade deadline and somehow he can convince Ben Simmons to come back and play for this team. He was adamant that it wouldn’t happen. I don’t think he expected that to happen, but it’s still a hope for Philly. Listen, I think they need to be ready because he’s going to miss the season and he needs to prepare for the fact that they might not find a deal for him until at least the summer.

It would be surprising to see Simmons sitting out an entire season, but if this gets him where he wants to go, so be it at this point.

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