Hogwarts Legacy: Release Date and Everything we know so far

It became part of its release on PS5. Several Potterheads went crazy after a leaked Harry Potter-themed video arrived in 2018. The game was allegedly a Sony RPG. Sony finally confirmed game development in 2021.

In 2018, VapeThisBro (account deleted at the moment) announced the leak of an unnamed Harry Potter RPG via a special Youtube video.


Sony later confirmed this news by releasing their Youtube video of Hogwarts Legacy. The video is available on the official PlayStation Youtube channel.

But after the video and some initial news and updates, Sony has gone silent. There is also no news on the exact release date of the game.

Interested in learning more? Then brace yourself. Here you will find all the details about Hogwarts Legacy release date, topic and other details.

But beware that you might get some spoilers in this article. If you’d like to catch up on spoilers and stay up to date, keep reading!

Hogwarts Legacy release date

And sources had previously said that the game would be launched in 2021 Hogwarts Legacy’s official Twitter account Posted on January 13, 2021 that the game will be released in 2022.


Earlier, the popular podcast “Sacred Tokens: A PlayStation Podcast” from Studio71 confirmed that it will be released in 2023. Its host Colin Moriarty stated that “Hearing behind the scenes that the match () won’t be released this year.” He also added, “It’s in some kind of trouble“.

But, Metro UK has updated with interesting news on January 20th. It claims that Hogwarts Legacy will be officially released in 2022. Metro has also speculated that this game could be a major feature at the next State of the Play event in February.

But neither Sony nor Warner Brothers has yet made any official announcement. The official Hogwarts Legacy website states that the game will be released in 2022.

In addition, Wizarding world has not provided any reliable information. Hence, fans need to wait for any official announcement to understand the official release of the game.

Who is developing the game Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy Game is a joint venture of Warner Brothers, Sony and Avalanche Gaming (Portkey Gaming). Its official website states that the game will be available for PS5, PlayStation4 Pro, Playstation4, Xbox One series, XboxSeries X, and PC.

Hogwarts legacy theme

According to the official website, this game will be an extension of Hogwarts and the magical world of Pottermore. The game is an action RPG in an immersive open world.

In September 2020, Sony released an official YouTube video releasing the game’s first appearance.

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the modern games included in this collection. It’s kind of a prequel to the original story. This game takes place during the 19th century and explores the early days of Hogwarts. The game is set in a different timeline and is a precursor to the original story.

Players are allowed to take on the role of a Hogwarts student who is trying to explore their place in the Wizarding World. Besides, it may also highlight the battle of “good against evil” and the victory of good over evil.

Gameplay of Hogwarts Legacy

Here, players play the role of a student who receives a letter from Hogwarts regarding being late for the school year. According to the story reveal, players will complete multiple missions and interact with other players to discover their skills in magic, ancient magic, and sorcery. Players will then delve deeper and become entangled in the mystery of this magical kingdom.

Hence, it is clear that the game will focus on special magic or ancient magic, which can only be performed by a certain character. In other words, the game is trying to provide some kind of explanation for magic related to blood or inherited magic.

Students will complete missions, breed magical creatures, perform spells, learn new spells, and explore the magical world as they progress through the game. Since the game has the word “Legacy” in its name, it may also introduce some deeper secrets buried within Hogwarts. But nothing is certain at this moment.

Characters in Hogwarts Legacy

The official Youtube video did not provide enough information about the in-game characters. But since it is located within Hogwarts and includes some famous sites, it may also come with some familiar faces.

The game will likely feature notable characters such as Professor Dumbledore, Hagrid, Albert Dumbledore, and others. Some new characters may also enter the gameplay. Besides characters, common mythical creatures like trolls, dragons, etc. will also appear in fame.

In-game character design

In the case of character design, this game tries to take a better approach. The visuals are better than the previous games and look more realistic. Additionally, characters will also come with customization. According to the first look video, the player will be able to don the traditional Hogwarts costume. Their outfit will come with a robe, house logo tie, pants/skirt and other attire. Interestingly enough, the video shows a full bra with the official house logo as well.

In the case of character design, players will get a chance to customize their appearance. Hence, they will choose their hair color, facial features, height, voice, name and gender within the game.

But, nevertheless, there is no news now whether it will be a multiplayer game or a single player game. Everything will become clear with the release of Sony’s next update.


Several projects have been delayed during the Covid outbreak, and Sony may be waiting for the right time. Hence, apparently, the game will be released in 2022. Until then, keep sticking here for the first update for any future developments.

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