How 100% refund YOUR Commission and Swap From the Broker – Analytics & Forecasts – 25 January 2022

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Most MQL trading systems are scalpers, grids, and Martingales.

I have always said and will say that sooner or later Grid or Martin will kill your account, especially on GOLD or SILVER

Gold and silver are very expensive trading tools.

Usually you always pay a big commission, a commission with a spread that jumps as if you were bitten by a lobster.

As a rule, gold and silver have a lot of noise in the market and often come back.

It looks like a comb.

This is often used by all types of martingale, because. It will work 2-4 weeks, rarely it can work for a few months, but then Boom.

You will also pay hidden fees as brokers tend to experience significant slippage and increased spreads.

You can never catch up with your broker and say, come here, why is it so expensive?

The goal of any broker is to make money for themselves.

Therefore, as a rule, for speculators, the broker keeps half of the profit in the form of a commission.

For example, you earned $1000 on gold through the network or through Martin and make sure you gave close to $900 to your broker in the form of commission, swaps, spreads or slippage.

In this case, many will advise you to use the services of rebates and even give you your own referral link.

The discount service is the same as the referral partner who recommends a particular broker supposedly.

In this case, you will receive only a small part (10-20%) of your commission, the rest will be taken by the service itself, and you will simply receive settled needle.

It is claimed that you will receive more money from the rebate if the trading volume increases.

You can also recommend your favorite broker to your friend and give him a special referral link to a specific broker.

Thus, you will receive a part of the commission from his transactions to your internal referral account, and you will be able to use these funds at your discretion.

So I use a little trick.

I register two accounts simultaneously with a broker, for myself and my wife.

Instead of the wife, you can use other relatives for free.

Thus, on all my trading accounts, I refer to my wife’s referral link so that she receives my commissions and swaps from the broker.

Thus, you will be able to redeem the commission from your trading to your own account, without using the services of rebates

This definitely works with Tickmill Pro previously, it also worked with ICMarketsRAW, PepperstoneRazor

You can also reduce the broker’s commission in some cases if you use Australian dollars as the main currency for your deposit, which is convenient for Australian brokers!

Because they also convert AUD -> USD!

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