How Binance, Coinbase and Other Major Crypto Exchanges Handle Your Data.

Backact (last update: October 28, 2020)

We also collect information about you from third parties such as money laundering and fraud prevention information providers, marketing agencies, identity and credit verification services, analytics and information providers. Combine the information collected with information from third parties. In some cases, “”

Binance (last updated January 12, 2022)

“We may receive information about you from other sources, such as credit history information from a credit bureau.”

Bitfinex (last updated: May 27, 2021)


BitMEX (last updated: August 28, 2020)

When a partner provides us, we receive personal data from the partner (for example, we receive data about the services you have used and the services you have indicated). From YubicoCloud, use your registered Yubikey for authentication. You will receive a confirmation of success. Third parties may monitor the web on behalf of About us, such as searching for stolen usernames and passwords, our communications service providers also provide more personalized communications. In order to send you, it may be possible to learn more about the existence of your social media, some authorities or others seek to access information about users, and the status and interests of their requests. may provide information on an individual.”

Bitstamp (last updated: November 5, 2020)

We may collect personal data from third-party partners and public sources, including:
Reputation information.
– financial information;
– Business activities of corporate clients. “

Bittrex (last updated: December 31, 2019)

Analytics providers such as Google Analytics, ad networks, and search information providers.
From publicly available sources such as identifiers, contacts, trial documents, company registrars in the United States and other jurisdictions, electronic data searches, KYC Internet search tools (which may be subscription or license-based), and from anti-fraud and other third party databases – party databases , sanctions lists, third-party KYC providers, and popular searches performed through Internet search engines (such as Google). “ (last updated on December 16, 2021)

Affiliate, bank, payment processor, advertising or analytics provider.
“The bank or payment processor you use to convert fiat currency may provide us with basic personal data such as your name, address and bank account information.
Our advertising or analytics providers may provide us with anonymous information about you, including but not limited to how you found our website. “

BlockFi (Last update: June 15, 2021)

It may include public databases, credit bureaus, identity verification partners, vendors and channel partners, co-marketing partners, ad networks and analytics providers, social media platforms, and BlockFi Rewards Visa Signed card partners.

Celsius (last updated October 2021)

public websites or other publicly accessible directories that include our affiliates, service providers or service providers, bankruptcy registries, tax authorities, government agencies and departments, regulators. From sources and/or credit reporting agencies, or sanctions screening databases, or resources designed to detect and prevent fraud and financial crime.”

Coinbase (last updated: October 8, 2021)

Coinbase affiliates, public databases, credit bureaus, identity verification partners, co-marketing partners, vendors, advertising networks, analytics providers, and the public blockchain. (last updated: September 30, 2021)

– Fraud and security devices,
-Customers bring to you,
– public blockchain,
– Information published on the Internet (sites, articles, etc.). “

Delivery (no date)


eToro (last updated: May 20, 2020)

For example, they may include identity verification agencies, credit authorization agencies, and similar agencies. Also, information about you from third parties through third-party platforms such as Facebook and other sites, or when you contact eToro. You may collect certain information, allowing you to access to and/or collect certain information from third-party platforms’ profiles/accounts, as permitted by the terms and conditions and privacy settings with third-party platforms. This information will be shared with third-party platforms. Uses.”

FTX (Last update: December 23, 2021)

We may also use Google Analytics and other service providers to collect information about visitor behavior and the demographics of visitors on our Services.. As a vendor, Plaid Technologies, Inc. (we may use “Plaid”) to collect information about you…
If you access our Services through third-party applications such as app stores, third-party login services, and social networking sites, we may collect information about you from third-party applications that we publish through you. I have. Privacy settings. If the information collected through these services includes your name, user ID number, username, location, gender, date of birth, email, profile picture, and contacts stored on that service. There is. “

Gemini (last updated December 8, 2021)

Identifying information such as name, email, phone number, address, and government identification number (which may include your Social Security number or equivalent, driver’s license number, and passport number).
Financial information such as bank account information and bank codes.
Transaction information such as public blockchain data (Bitcoin, Ethereum and other digital assets are not completely anonymous).
Check credit, credit eligibility, identity or account verification, or fraud detection or credit and fraud information as may be required by applicable law. and additional information.

Huobi (last update: April 27, 2021)


Kraken (Last update: November 23, 2021)

Bank: Name, address and bank account details.
Business user partner: name, address, financing.
Advertising Networks, Analytics Providers, and Search Information Providers: Anonymous or anonymous information about how websites are searched.
“Credit agencies do not provide us with your personal information, but it may be used to support the information you provide to us.”

LocalBitcoins (last updated: June 10, 2020)


Nexo (n.d.)


Okcoin (Last update: December 18, 2020)


OKEx (Last update: December 3, 2020)


Paxfull (n.d.)

Service providers, data processors, affiliates, “third parties that may help you verify your identity, prevent fraud, and secure your transactions”, “third parties that may assist you in assessing your creditworthiness or financial situation”, a person who may assist in the analysis of “third party” personal data improve or experiment a website or service, market a product or service, or provide promotions or offers”, any social media platform.

Poloniex (last updated: May 4, 2020)

“We may obtain your personal data from other sources, such as third-party services such as sanctions review services, and other organizations that supplement the information you provide.”

SALT (last updated January 6, 2021)

Google Analytics, the full story.
Public Databases and Identity Verification Partners, Public Blockchain: “This information includes name, address, occupation, public employment profile, credit history, status of sanctions lists held by public authorities and other relevant data. It may be included.”
“Public blockchain data to ensure that parties using our services do not engage in activities that are illegal or prohibited by our terms and to analyze trading trends for research and development purposes can be analyzed.”

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