How to evolve without trading in Pokémon Legends Arceus

For generations past, Pokémon’s developer Game Freak has included an advanced system of trading Pokémons. Pokémon fans will purchase an extra cable before simply transporting the Kadabras to the Alakazams and Haunters in the Gengars. Trade evolutions can only be achieved when two Pokémon players trade with each other. This phenomenon then develops a Pokémon into its final form immediately after it is traded with the other person. You can exchange it again afterwards to keep your Pokemon. The system eventually evolved into needing only wifi to facilitate access to commerce and make global commerce possible. Now, with the newly released Pokémon game titled Pokémon Legends Arceus, they now offer an easier way to complete your Pokédex.

The Hisui region in Pokémon has devised a new way to get those evolutions without even trading with other people. There is a possibility that you can hunt them directly in different areas but there is also an easier way to do this with their pre-evolution. You don’t have to rely on your friends or even other players to complete your Pokédex game. All you have to do is simply get the necessary items, point them and click on them to your Pokémon. This guide will tell you where to get these specific items as well as the list of Pokémon you can develop in this way.

The easiest way to get all specific trade evolutions without trading in Pokémon Legends Arceus is to do the following:

  • Go to the Trading Post and talk to the NPC named “Simona”. It is located in the village of Jubilife, just to the north on the map, after the Galaxy Building.
  • Talk to her and select “I want items” provided by the Actions menu and you will see all the evolution items for each Pokemon.
  • In order to purchase these, you need to get merit points from the rally across the Hisui area along with the Lost & Found feature.
  • When purchasing, all you have to do is use it for the Pokemon it needs, and it will automatically evolve into its final form.

Pokemon Legends Arceus

Each Pokémon varies depending on the special item they need to cause evolution. You just need to use the item on it for it to evolve automatically. Here is a list of all the items required for each Pokémon:

Cadbra – connecting cables ⇒ Al-Akzam
Haunter – Cable tie ⇒ Gengar
Graveler – Golem cable tie
Machoke – Cable hook, Machamp
Dusclops – harvesting cloth ⇒ Dusknoir
Electabuzz – Electirizer Electivire
Magmarizer ⇒ Magmortar
Porygon – Upgrade ⇒ Porygon 2
Porygon – questionable tablet ⇒ Porygon Z
Raidon – Protector ⇒ Reprior
Scyther – Metal Coat ⇒ Scizor

There are other ways to get these specific items in Pokémon Legends Arceus. Most of the items in the Trading Post are found in Jubilife but it is also possible to find them for free in the wild or buy them with coin money. Some of these are found in distortions of spacetime lying on the ground indoors. You can also buy it with in-game currency from the Ginko Guild Cart, which changes items every day, so luck only depends if you get the item you need.

Although this can be cumbersome and may need a lot of time to collect, you can now fill the entire Pokédex on your own. This is another achievement that you can brag to your friends by completing Dex without any help. There are still a lot of different Pokémon evolutions in the Hisui region than previous generations. We have to explore the vast world of Pokémon Legends Arceus to discover them one by one.

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