How to get tickets for Bad Bunny’s U.S. tour

The tour that Bad Bunny announced a few days ago became a worldwide phenomenon that has already left thousands of people without tickets to see it. The tickets were sold out from the first hours they went on sale in the United States, where the site has failures reported by users.

For the first concert in Denver, prices range between $248 and $299, however, for its performance in El Paso, Texas, which will take place on February 11, the maximum price is $6,969, which includes a VIP pass and a Meet and Greet with the Puerto Rican; but if you just want to be in front of the stage, you need to shell out $2,535, while for this same area, at the Payne Arena concert in Hidalgo, Texas, the cost is $3,159.

According to resale site Tickets On Sale, for the Feb. 26 performance at the LA Forum in Inglewood, California, the $2,159 Floor K zone only has 31 tickets available; While for the Floor G area, also in front of the stage, with a cost of $1,289, there are 8 tickets available. However, the resale prices for that same area but a day before, amount to $3,221.

The impact of the cost of tickets has been such that many Latin Americans who live in the United States have said that they prefer to see the “Bad Rabbit” in their countries of origin, because the cost is more affordable with everything and travel.

However, Peru and Colombia announced that tickets to see San Benito sold out only in the days leading up to the official sale. The pre-sale has yet to begin in Mexico, which will be on February 8 and 9 for those who card Citibanamex.

How to get tickets for the Bad Bunny concert?

If the official site marks that the tickets are already sold out, it is best to go to an authorized resale site and look in the area of ​​residence for the concert that has more accessible prices, as these vary according to the date and place.

Make the purchase in several browser windows, this will allow you to have several places on hold and will increase your ability to buy tickets. If you are in a virtual line, avoid refreshing the page as this causes you to lose your place. Make the purchase on a device with a stable WiFi connection and have at hand the data of the card with which you will make the payment, if possible, pre-load the plastic data before making the purchase.

It is important to remember that event organizers require those attending to present a negative COVID-19 test or vaccination certificate.

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