How to Uncover The Real Reason Why Your Prospect Is Stalling A Deal

Big producers know a low probability when they hear one, and would rather know in advance who is driving them and who is unlikely to buy, and who might actually be a bargain.

We have all been there. You’re on the phone with a potential customer, you ask for the deal, you kind of ask for the deal, and the potential customer only gives vague answers and light offenses.

Prospects ignore you by saying things like:

  • “Well, we haven’t had a chance to go through everything yet, but when the vice president gets back from Europe, we’ll…” Or,
  • “You know we’re still looking at two different options on this one, but I like how it works for you…” Or,
  • “I have not received any response from the owner on this matter. He will not be back in town until Friday and then we will have a meeting and I should have an idea…”

looks familiar?

I bet all of these objections sound familiar, right?

Potential customers have been using them since the beginning of time to disrupt or put off salespeople. And when they use it, nine times out of ten, it means they’re not really going to advance.

While that’s bad enough, what’s worse is how most salespeople (like 80%) deal with this. Instead of taking the straightforward approach (which we’ll move on to in a bit), they will allow themselves to procrastinate and procrastinate.

They think the potential customer isn’t saying no yet, and that there might still be a chance of a deal. Heck, one in 25 or so actually sometimes ends up buying so they better play with it.

Well, I don’t know about you, but for the best product, chasing down 20 non-buyers and following them is pretty frustrating.

How big producers spot weak prospects

Big producers know a low probability when they hear one, and would rather know in advance who is driving them and who is unlikely to buy, and who might actually be a bargain.

I’ve now written a lot of techniques you can use to isolate objections and make a potential customer reveal the truth, but here’s the one question that works best.

I’ll warn you now – most salespeople prefer not to ask this question because they may receive a negative response – in other words, a potential customer may tell them why they shouldn’t go buy at all. But that’s exactly what 20% want to know.

Wouldn’t you really love to know now instead of chasing and following and wasting all that precious time and energy?

Find out why potential customers shouldn’t buy – just ask!

So, this is the golden question that will always make a potential customer reveal exactly why they will never move to your product or service:

“(Expectation), in your view, what do you think might stand in the way of your company (or you) going forward with this?”

Now press your mute button, shut up and take some notes. If you present this question the right way, and then really listen to your potential customer, I guarantee they will tell you exactly why they won’t make the purchase.

I use this question all the time, and am never surprised by how a potential client will immediately reveal the truth regarding what is holding them back and what will stop them from moving forward in the end.

Some of the most common answers I hear are:

• They were only in the information gathering stage and were not ready to make a decision in the first place.

• Once they know the cost, they decide to go somewhere else or do it at home.

• They were just looking to compare prices and get someone who could do it at a cheaper rate.

• They are not the real decision maker and they have something completely different on their mind.

Now I’m sure you can expand this list by at least three or four, but I bet that covers a lot of what you’ll hear at the end.

My question to you is, when you have a potential client procrastinating, wouldn’t it be better to find out as soon as possible and move on?

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