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the The real estate sector in Indonesia It provided rapid growth due to the expansion of the middle class in the country with the help of low interest rate system and strong national economic growth. The common reason behind the escalation of the Indonesian real estate market stems from the increase in demand which was supported by greater confidence of customers. This has been greatly multiplied by optimism about the upcoming legislative and presidential elections during 2017.

During the near future, a fundamental shift occurred in the larger regions of Indonesia as well as Bandung, Jakarta and Surabaya. These areas are recorded by the presence of skyscrapers in the form of apartments and offices where the central business districts have seen the improvement of property above all else. In Jakarta, the real estate market was so booming that during 2013 about – of all new real estate projects were sold out before actual construction, exceeding supply requirements.Indonesia real estate market

At Keene Research, the Research report on the real estate market in Indonesia It conveys a comprehensive analysis of countless aspects such as market size, trends, developments, segmentation and future forecast of the real estate market of Jabodebek, Bandung, Banten, Surabaya and Bali as the top five provinces which have been considered as key market segments.

In the real estate market of Indonesia, Jabodebek has been the largest in terms of area contribution and revenue in the entire real estate market of Indonesia. Jabodebek residential sector is known as one of the liveliest accommodations in all of Indonesia, which has emerged as the best investment destination for local investors. The city was registered mainly by luxury apartments that appeal to the population of the country’s elite class. During 2013, the devastating growth of the real estate market in Jabodebek was driven by the resilient economic growth and increasing investor confidence which further affected the real estate market to grow by 29.8% in 2013 and counts revenue of up to USD 1 million.

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Although the report also highlights indonesia home finance market, Its operation and trends of the mortgage market over the years. Moreover, the report also includes a scenario analysis illustrating the subjective future calculations of the market. The report discusses the market share of top real estate developers in Indonesia along with a comprehensive explanation of various industry and macro aspects that drive market growth for these provinces and real estate market segments.

while in Indonesia, online property portals It is gradually becoming a tool for research into buying, selling or renting residential, commercial, retail and many other types of real estate. Mainstream users in this market are associated with the age group of 45 or younger, who often purchase real estate for their own use. The Indonesian economy has provided an important development for private housing markets and market systems for home financing. Financing decisions play a major role in the real estate market, where real estate transactions involve a large amount of cash flow, which are regularly funded from external sources.

Moreover, factors such as effective growth in manufacturing, increasing population, increasing disposable income for customers, increased demand for offices as well as residential space and the projected growth in the number of housing units around urban areas are expected to drive the growth from the growth of the real estate market in Indonesia.

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