Insider Trading: Leafs open to acquiring players with term ahead of trade deadline

TSN Hockey Insiders discuss unlocking Leafs for acquiring players a while before trade deadline, trade speculation continues to circulate Jacob CiceroWhy did Pierre Dorion’s appearance at Canadian Wild Monday cause such a stir, Eric Stahl Attracting NHL interest, and more.

Gino Reda: Just under two months after the trade deadline, are you starting to get a sense of what the Leafs might be planning in terms of strategy now and then?

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Chris Johnston: Well, definitely they’re at the stage where you start compiling wishlists, look around the league in anticipation of the March 21 final trading date, and I think if the Leafs, all things being equal, can control things, instead, gain A player who has a short term left on his contract rather than outright lease. Remember that in last year’s deadline, Kyle Dupas was very aggressive, made several deals, all for players on expired contracts, gave up six draft picks, and of course you know, Nick Foligno Most notably injured, they were knocked out in the first round, so ultimately the Leafs wouldn’t rule anything out. I think they are just looking to get as many good players as possible, but they like the idea of ​​getting players with a certain term because they feel that gives them [a] opportunity for stability.

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Darren Dreger: Well, look, the man of defense for the Arizona Coyotes Jacob Cicero I have a term left in his contract and I can tell you the Toronto Maple Leafs are among the many teams that have at least kicked tires at Chychrun, but you look at the Toronto Maple Leafs roster, how they are going forward, it looks like a tough fit for the Maple Leafs to try and maneuver Unless Kyle Dubas does something unusual. Now, sources say the list of teams with a strong interest in Chychrun includes Los Angeles, Florida, Boston, Anaheim and St. Louis Blues. Now, Bill Armstrong obviously has time on his side, so he’ll leave this drenched for a bit more, unless he gets the required four ingredients.

Gino Reda: Hey guys, Sens general manager Pierre Dorion was spotted at the Habs and Wild game on Monday night. What, if any, can we read in this?

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Pierre Lebrun: Well, that’s interesting because a lot of people assumed when they saw him there that he was there to check out the dorm rooms, because of course we know the dorms are going to be sellers, but that’s not really the case as far as I can tell. What I was told was that Pierre Dorion was there to see the Minnesota Wild, and that Pierre Dorion and Bill Guerin, GM of the Wild, had a brief discussion. Now, I don’t [think] Anything in the works, I don’t think anything is imminent, but I think he was there to see Minnesota, one of the teams that the senators talked about at their professional scout meetings last week in preparation for the trade deadline as this anti-hat team. The bottom line is I think you’ll see Pierre Dorion in other NHL games the Senators don’t participate in between now and the deadline, so get used to that.

Gino Reda: When? Eric Stahl He was named to the Canadian Olympic team some asked “Wait, what, he’s still playing?” Not only is he still playing, but he’s a guy with a plan.

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Chris Johnston: He’s, I mean the only thing, the plan now is to go to Beijing, he’s going to be part of that Olympic team. But you know, pretty quickly on the other side of that, he’s hoping to get back into the NHL, and there’s some interest in Eric StahlHe played four NHL games as preparation for the event. This month, he’s got five points in those games with Iowa Wild, and there’s been two teams throughout the year that have kind of kept an open streak of communication with the idea that he could add it later in the year on a cheap deal before the deadline, and so, on the other side of the Olympics, Assuming things are going well, don’t be surprised to see him wind up in an NHL jersey.

Gino Reda: Jets are close to deciding what to do about Cole Perfetti?

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Darren Dreger: Yeah, I mean, it’s imminent, it’s a big week for Cole Perfetti. He is scheduled to play games nine and ten this week, and if he makes it past match nine, he’s clearly about to burn a year off his entry contract. By all accounts, Cole Perfetti has played very well with the Winnipeg Jets, he is in contact with Pierre Luc Dubois And Kyle Connor But there are clear decisions to be made from an organizational point of view. He’s made a strong impression, so the Winnipeg Jets appear to be leaning toward keeping Cole Perfetti in the squad with Ehlers due to a long-term injury.

Gino Reda: When Jeff Gorton took over the Habs, he said Dominique Ducharme would be behind the bench for the rest of this season, but, as our friend François Gagnon pointed out in his article for RDS on Tuesday, the Habs could make an argument for taking that step sooner rather than later.

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Pierre LeBron: I mean listen, I think all things being equal Jeff Gorton sticks to what he said, and they’re going to wait until the end of the season to make a change in training, that’s how I feel. But obviously the games are like Monday night [an 8-2 loss to the Minnesota Wild] You make it difficult especially when you consider some of the unhappy veteran players, as well as the development of the younger players on the team, that should be a concern for Habs management. But, keep in mind that the Habs still paid Claude Julien $5 million as of June 30, and he’s not out of the books until after the season ends; They were still paying Mark Bergevin, the former general manager, through June 30, and it didn’t get off the books until a year later; And they just signed Ducharme to a three-year deal last summer. Incidentally, the Hab won’t have fans at the Bell Center for the foreseeable future, so finances are part of that no matter what anyone says. I think they will wait until after the season to make that decision, but I won’t guarantee that.

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