Lepasa NFT Collection – Lepasa Polqueen is launching on 24th January 2022

Lepasa NFT Collection Lepasa Polqueen was released on January 24, 2022

“Lepasa Polqueen” is a limited edition (unique 3240 version) that will be released on January 24, 2022 at 14:00 UTC.

NEW YORK, USA, January 21, 2022 / EINPresswire.com/– The Lepasa NFT project began nearly a year ago when NFTs were not as racy as they are today. From the very beginning of the project, the Lepasa leadership team had a vision to create something very good right away.

an introduction:
Lepasa is a legendary virtual world designed by a team of artists and designed by blockchain enthusiasts. This is an excellent NFT project built by a highly experienced team of blockchain technology experts, excellent traditional artists and excellent 3DCGI artists. The vision is to create an ecosystem that enables users to create, experience and monetize content in real world applications. All the creativity in Lepasa is the NFT token (ERC-721), which is always wholly owned by its owner, giving you complete control of where to use the NFT.

Libasa’s intention:
NFTs are growing at an unprecedented pace. They are no longer just images and GIFs, they have real use cases. We are building an ecosystem that allows anyone who believes in innovation to participate in the cryptocurrency and NFT revolution. NFT provides owners with access to actual source files as well as images. These source files can be used in games, videos, photos, and more. NFT quality sets new standards in the industry.

What distinguishes Lepasa?
Lepasa’s creatures are “3D fine art game NFTs, not just JPEGs. Lepasa NFTs give owners access to real source files. Next, NFT owners are games and videos and can be used by animating them with the 3D metaverse.”

The team behind Libasa:
LEPASA is a collaborative initiative by leading artists, blockchain veterans, and crypto enthusiasts. It was co-founded by Ashish Agarwal and Alok Joshi. Ashish was the founder of a technology startup in 2013 and had 10 years of early adoption of bitcoin. Alok has been involved in information technology and software for the past 20 years and holds a master’s degree. Informatics from Kingston University in London. The team enjoys solid advice from industry veterans such as Harish BV (Co-Founder Unocoin), Bertrand Juglas (DevOps Architect) and Naeem Karbhari (Barrister, UK).

Partnerships and Associations:
Lepasa is already backed by the Polygon Network and benefits from technical and marketing support.

In partnership with Coinmarketcap, Lepasa has brought great insight to cryptocurrency viewers around the world. In addition, more than 3 million users of CMC participated in the marketing campaign of CMC.

More partnerships are underlined for a variety of purposes that make Lepasa strong and accessible to everyone in the crypto space. When and when will such a thing be announced?

In line with its vision to become a fully active Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), the Lepa contract has been moved from GnosisSafe to a multi-signature wallet along with ownership of the distribution bucket.

Repasa number:
The Lepasa website has more than 15,000 unique visitors every day. The Lepasa Telegram discussion group and advertising channel both have over 80,000 subscribers and are very active. Twitter Dealing with more than 87,000 followers. Lepasa IDO sold out in 45 seconds (BNB pool)

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