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Market Size – USD 11.86 Billion in 2019 Market Growth – 4.8% CAGR Market Trends – High Demand for Hitech Light Weapons and Mobile Rocket Launchers

VANCOVER, BC, Canada, Jan 20, 2022 / – The global light arms market is expected to be worth US$17.39 billion by 2027, according to current analysis by Emergen Research.

Key factors influencing the market growth include the increasing adoption of special task force light weapons, the increase in domestic violence and terrorist attacks, the increased interest in the adoption of mobile missile washers, anti-aircraft and anti-submarine, to name a few. (b) Besides the massive rise in cross-border conflict, expansion of the number of armed law enforcement forces and new task force battalions, asymmetric warfare and cross-border conflicts between countries are some of the additional reasons behind the remarkable growth of the market.

Declining manufacturing costs of guns with the help of 3D printing mechanisms, growing demand for smart guns, and increasing use of polymer in gun industry are some of the secondary market driving factors that are creating a massive spurt of market growth.

This report on the Global Small Arms Market provides a comprehensive study mainly focusing on the major players and their business stratagem, geographical extent, market segments, competitive landscape, manufacturing, pricing and cost structures. Each section of the research study has been explicitly prepared to explore important parts of the global light weapons market. For example, the Market Dynamics section of the report provides an in-depth analysis of drivers, restraints, trends, and opportunities in the global Light Weapons market. Through qualitative and quantitative analysis, we provide you with accurate and comprehensive information on the global Light Weapons Market. The study also includes SWOT, PESTLE and Porter Five Force analyzes of the global Light Weapons Market.

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The competitive landscape is extensively assessed along with company profiles of the major players involved in the global light weapons market, namely Smith & Wesson Holding Corp. and Freedom Group, Orbital ATK, Sturm, Ruger & Co. , Inc. , American Outdoor Brand Corporation, Thales Group, Lockheed Martin, General Dynamics Corporation, Beretta S.p.A., and Raytheon Company, among others.

The research report delivers an in-depth assessment of the global Small Arms market and helps market participants to intensify their footprint in the industry. The report provides a detailed analysis focusing on critical market dynamics such as drivers, restraints, trends, and growth opportunities to help companies prepare for any challenges they may face in the forecast period. It also provides a regional analysis of the global Light Weapons Market to explore potential growth prospects available in different parts of the world. The report provides detailed statistical evaluation and accurate data on the market, i.e., market share, compound annual growth rate, gross margin, revenue, consumption, production, and sales.

The main points of the report

In January 2020, the Adani Group, an Indian conglomerate, announced the acquisition of a light weapons trading facility in Gwalior, India. With this acquisition, the company has entered the field of light weapons where the company will be able to produce submachine guns, carbines and other light weapons.

The polymer sub-sector is growing at the fastest compound annual growth rate of 6.3% due to its high manufacturing efficiency using 3D printing techniques and lower total cost with higher applicability in sports and hunting purposes.

The Asia Pacific regions, led by China, India, Pakistan, South and North Korea, allocate a large budget for defense and law enforcement purposes. Besides, the increasing incidents of personal confrontations, asymmetric warfare, terrorist activities, and domestic violence, along with high economic development and boosting in the manufacturing industry, are deliberately helping to drive market enforcement.

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Emergen Research has segmented the global market for light weapons based on product, end use, and region.

Forecast type (Revenue: $1 billion, Volume: Thousand units, 2017-2027)
Rifles and automatic rifles
Manpads and Launchers
Small mortars and portable rocket launchers
Bombs and landmines
Anti-aircraft / anti-submarine missiles
Light anti-tank weapons

End Users Outlook (Revenue: $1 billion, Volume: Thousand units, 2017-2027)
law enforcement

Materials Used Forecast (Revenue: $1 billion, Volume: Thousand units, 2017-2027)

Technology Horizons (Revenue: $1 billion, Volume: Thousand units, 2017-2027)
not directed

Regional Outlook (Revenue: $1 billion, Volume: Thousand units, 2017-2027)
North America (US) (Canada) (Mexico)
Europe (Germany) (United Kingdom) (France) (BENELUX) (Rest of Europe)
Asia Pacific (China) (Japan) (South Korea) (rest of Asia Pacific)
Latin America (Brazil) (rest of Latin America)

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Here are the questions we answer…

What are the future opportunities for the vendors operating in the Light Weapons Market?
What does the competitive landscape look like?
What emerging technologies are believed to affect the performance of the light weapons market?
What are the main trends and dynamics?
What regulations will affect the industry?
Which sector will offer the greatest opportunity for growth between 2017 and 2027?
Where will most of the long-term developments occur?
Who are the top sellers and what market share do they occupy?
What are the latest technologies or discoveries that are affecting the growth of the light weapons market across the globe?

The study delves into the general profiles of the major players in the market and their key financial statements. This comprehensive report is not only for business analysts and can be used by any current and new participant when designing their business strategies. The research is one of the unique global analyzes of aspects such as the status of import and export, supply chain management, worldwide profit and gross margin for the forecast period 2017 – 2027. Comprehensive coverage of statistics related to recent events including acquisitions and mergers, strengths and weaknesses of the company forms part An important study in the small arms market

The study methodologies used to examine the Orthopedic Devices Market for the forecast period 2017 – 2027 categorizes the industry by type, geography, end use and end user to add more accuracy and highlight the factors responsible for further business development.


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