Lions GM Brad Holmes confirms Carolina Panthers interest in trading for Matthew Stafford

The Detroit Lions will see major changes in the final season of the season, after knocking out the former Patriot Way system with fresh new faces, Brad Holmes and Dan Campbell, to usher in a new era of Lions. However, when Holmes took over as general manager, it was his first quarterback job. It started with the long-lost of franchise player Matthew Stafford, with an inevitable rebuilding on the verge of happening in Detroit.

Unfortunately, Stafford was at a point in his career where he had already gone through a few rebuilds and was looking to remove the match monkey from his back and shine a negative light around him. At that point, Holmes needed to find suitors for Stafford’s services. This wasn’t a problem, as several teams competed for a new quarterback franchise.

Ultimately, Stafford was traded to Los Angles Rams for first-round picks, third-round picks and QB Jared Goff. Numerous rumors began to surface on teams trying to trade for Stafford, and in a recent interview with 97.1 The Ticket, Brad Holmes confirmed that the Carolina Panthers were one of those teams.

The Lions were about to pull the trigger with the Panthers with an alleged first-round pick package last year and Teddy Bridgewater, but then the Rams came up with an even bigger offer.

There has also been speculation that Stafford has a big say about where he ended up. In the interview, Holmes did not respond to whether Stafford had closed any potential trade with Carolina. However, he said Stafford was very helpful and professional throughout the process.

With the lineage that Stafford has with Detroit and a devastating history with their top players, the senior officers have been giving Stafford a say in where he ends up and making sure he goes where he thinks he can go.

Holmes felt he had managed for both sides to give the Rams a potential final piece to take them over the hump in a playoff round, and the Lions received Project Capital to help “retool” the roster with young talent and a serviceable quarterback who took the blocks early in the season but rebounded late in the year.

It will be a few years before we know who won the Stafford deal, but so far, this looks like one of those lucrative deals for both teams. Sure, the Lions would have liked to keep Stafford, but this was a team that makes one of the franchise’s best players in history strong to give a chance, while Detroit looks to get past the league’s mediocre corner of performance.

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