Ma Crossing Bot MT5 tutorial – Trading Systems – 24 January 2022

This tutorial applies to the EA ‘MA Crossing Bot MT5’ whose product page can be accessed by clicking on the image below:


This product is not just an Expert Advisor that will open orders when two moving averages cross. In fact, the main advantages of this EA are:

  • Includes additional filters (third average, pivot points, other filters that can be implemented on demand).
  • Has complete order management (close on reversal signal, breakeven, trailing stop, close before the end of the week, maximum loss or profit / day …).
  • It can work with all market watch codes simultaneously.

Detailed features are described on the product page. Below is a list of EA settings with explanations.

– ==== General Settings ==== –

letter or symbol: symbols for alerts and trading (all or symbol on the chart)

There are several possibilities for choosing which codes to scan:
– “Only symbol on the graph”: this option should be used for back-tests or if you want to bot the icon on the graph;
– “All Major Forex Pairs”: The robot will scan all 28 major currency pairs (EUR/USD/GBP/CHF/AUD/NZD/JPY);
– “Market Watch”: The bot will scan all market watch codes;
– ‘Only icons listed below’: Only icons listed in the field below will be checked

Codes to scan or exclude: Type here symbols to scan (“Only the symbols listed below” mode) or exclude (“All major forex pairs” mode and “Market watch” mode)

Mediator prefix (if needed): Only for brokers who use prefixes. For example, type m for mEURUSD

mediator suffix (if required): Only for brokers who use prefixes. For example, type m for EURUSDm

If multiple symbols must be entered in this field, they must be separated by commas

Use the timerDefine trading days and hours

Orders will be opened only on trading days. However, requests can be closed/modified even outside the specified time if at least one of the following parameters is enabled:
– “Max% lost/day”;
– “Close before the weekend”;
– “Close at the reverse intersection”;
– “Close the order if the price closes above / below Ma”;
– “tie”;
– “Traveling stop”.

Monday: Alerts and trading on Monday

Tuesday: Alerts and trading every Tuesday

Wednesday: Alerts and trading on Wednesday

Thursday: Alerts and trading on Thursday

Friday: Alerts and trading on Friday

Saturday (encrypt): Alerts and Saturday trading (generally for cryptocurrency trading)

Sunday (cipher): Alerts and Sunday trading (generally for cryptocurrency trading)

start time: start of the session

End time: end of session

Indicator alerts: Notifications of the station and / or smartphone

Trading Alerts: Notifications of the station and / or smartphone

– ==== Moving averages cross with settings ==== –

time frame: Current / M1 / ​​M5 / M15 / M30 / H1 / H4 / D1 / W1 / MN1

warning! If you want to use the timeframe for the graph, use the value “CURRENT”!

If you use another value, the time frame of the current chart will not affect the Ma’s calculation.

Transit validated at: an actual tape or once the tape is closed

Recommended value: “Once the bar is closed”. The order will be opened if a cross is detected during the current bar and if it is still present when the bar is closed.

Minimum rails after the previous crossing: The cross is validated if there is no cross over the previous x bars

This setting is there to avoid market noise and range period. This means that if an intersection occurs, the location of the previous intersection will be located. The EA will count the number of bars between the 2 crossings (current and previous). 2 solutions:

– number of tapes

– Number of bars >= x: The order is open.

reverse logic: The buy and sell logic is reversed for the crossover 2 MA

– = moving average 1 settings = –

Ma1 . period: The period of the first master’s degree

Ma1 . method: SMA / EMA / SMMA / LWMA

Applicable price Ma1: Close / Open / High / Low / Medium / Typical / Heavy

Ma1 . transformation: transformation of 1 master

– = Moving average 2 settings = –

Ma2 . period: Master period 2

Ma2 . method: SMA / EMA / SMMA / LWMA

Applicable price Ma2: Close / Open / High / Low / Medium / Typical / Heavy

Ma2 shift: shift from 2 MA

– ==== Filter Settings ==== –

– = Settings for the third moving average = –

Use a third master: Checks if price is above (buy signal) or below (sell signal) this moving average

Ma3 . time frame: Current / M1 / ​​M5 / M15 / M30 / H1 / H4 / D1 / W1 / MN1

Ma3 . period: The third master’s period

Ma3 method: SMA / EMA / SMMA / LWMA

Ma3 applicable price: Close / Open / High / Low / Medium / Typical / Heavy

Ma3 shiftTransformation to the third master’s degree

– = RSI Settings = –

Use RSI: Checks the RSI value before opening the order

RSI time frame: Current / M1 / ​​M5 / M15 / M30 / H1 / H4 / D1 / W1 / MN1

RSI period: RSI filter period

Applicable price for the RSI: Close / Open / High / Low / Medium / Typical / Heavy

RSI تحول switch: Shift filter RSI

Minimum RSI value for a buy order: Open buy order if RSI > this value

Maximum RSI value for a sell order: sold The order is opened if the RSI

– = Pivot Points Settings = –

daily PP: Checks if the price is above (buy signal) or lower (sell signal) daily PP

Weekly PP: Checks if the price is above (buy signal) or lower (sell signal) Weekly PP

PP monthly: identical to the previous coefficient of monthly PP

Note: The more filters are implemented, the fewer requests will be opened. If you find that there are not enough open requests, try disabling some filters.

– ==== Trading Settings ==== –

– = General Settings = –

allow trading: If false, only alerts will be triggered

magic number: must be unique if another EA is running

“Maximum Open Orders” and “Maximum Loss Percentage/Day” are calculated from the magic number. For example, if you have 3 EAs with the same magic number, the total number of open orders will be the sum of open orders in those 3 EAs.

Max opening orders: Maximum number of simultaneously open orders (if 0, there is no max)

Max % lost/day: If the maximum value is reached, the open EA orders are closed and no other order is opened until the next day (if 0, there is no maximum)

The calculation depends on the account balance + the advantages of open orders. In order to speed up back-tests, the calculation is done every hour during back-tests, rather than every minute for a real trading session.

Max % profit/day: If the maximum value is reached, the open EA orders are closed and no other order is opened until the next day (if 0, there is no maximum)

Same note from “Max% win/day”.

Closed by the end of the week: Close all EA orders on Friday

Closing time before the weekend: If ‘close before weekend’ is true

Use money management: If true, then the lot size in equilibrium percentage

Lot size in%: Percentage of balance per order (if “Use of Money Management” is “correct”)

Fixed lot size: Lot size per order (if ‘Using Money Management’ is ‘False’)

Max Spread: The maximum spread allowed to open an order (if 0, there is no maximum spread)

Warning: if the spread is too low, no order will be opened! To avoid any problem, it is recommended to set the value “0” for back-tests.

Max sliding: Maximum slippage allowed to open an order

Same note as Max Spread.

SL: stop loss in pips

– = Additional closing settings = –

Close at reverse intersection: close the order if 2 MA crosses in the other direction (only to put “previous_bar”)

Minimum number of bars to close the order on the opposite signal: For the “Close at Reverse Cross” mode, the order is closed only if there are a minimum number of bars between the order opening and the reverse signal

If the crossing is not convincing, another crossing may occur in the other direction while under the surfaceNT tapes. This parameter prevents the order from closing too early.

Open an order at the reverse intersection: opens a new order if another order has just been closed with the ‘close on reverse cross’ parameter

Close the order if the price closes above/below the moving average: close order if requested Ma (sell order)

Close the order if the price closes above/below this average: MA to be used for the previous parameter

– = BE / TS / Network Settings = –

tie breaker: If true, break-even point is activated

breakeven point profit: The fraction is released even from a certain gain in points

movable stop: If true, the trailing stop is activated

demo win: triggers a trailing stop loss order from a specific profit in pips

trail distance: the distance in pips between the trailing stop and the price

trail step: step by points for trailing stop

Open additional commands: An additional order is opened every time the profit reaches a move

Maximum Additional Requests (in code) : “Open additional orders” must be “True”

Lot size for additional orders: It is better to have a lot less than the main orders

Earn a move with points for opening an additional order: Every time the profit reaches this step, a new order is opened

SL for additional orders: stop loss in pips from additional orders

TP for additional commands: Take profit in pips for additional orders

  • Before using the All Major Forex Pairs mode, check that there are 28 major currency pairs on the Market Watch tab of MT5.
  • It is recommended to use the multi icon mode for alerts only. When a profitable method is found on a symbol, it is better to implement it in the “only_symbol_on_the_chart” mode.

Major Forex Pairs :








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