Making the case for and against a Timberwolves deadline trade

We’re less than two weeks away from the 2022 NBA trade deadline, and there’s been some debate over whether the Timberwolves should make a move before the February 10 2PM CT deadline.

There are many benefits to potential trading, but there may also be some disadvantages. With Wolves sitting in eighth place in the Western Conference, Wolves are in a tough spot as far as the trade deadline goes.

While Wolves have undoubtedly taken a huge step forward this season, the combination of their risky stance and promising youth roster makes it difficult to say what kind of move, if any, they should make in the end.

However, it is worth noting some advantages and disadvantages of wolves in trade.

Pro: Timberwolves can improve roster balance and add talent

Players like Malik Beasley And Josh Okoji They’ve seen their roles dwindle this season, and it’s no longer clear that they fit into the roster. Trading Beasley or Okogie can help the Wolves acquire a player who can be more effective and better fit into the team.

Beasley’s main elite skill is his ability to shoot, and he’s in the midst of his worst shooting season since becoming a regular in Denver three years ago. Okogie is full defense, no offense, and Jared Vanderbilt is the only spinner that Wolves can give to someone who contributes nothing to the offensive end of the Earth.

If the Wolves make a deal, it looks like it’s more likely for the player to have a role or two than a big splash. Trading with a player like Ben Simmons doesn’t seem worth the risk, and they’re not likely to get together.

It seems more likely that Wolves will continue with edge improvements with a player in Robert Covington’s world, who Wolves are said to be interested in acquiring.

Cons: Trade can spoil Timberwolves’ team chemistry

If the Wolves made a deal, they would most likely trade someone off the bench who had no effect on the team, so in this scenario, team chemistry wouldn’t be much of an issue.

However, if the Wolves decide to go after a big name like Simmons or Myles Turner, they will definitely have to give up some of the best bits like Jaden McDaniels or Patrick Beverley, which will likely affect the team’s chemistry.

Making a deal could raise the bar and the coaching staff is smart enough to make the necessary adjustments for any new player, but there is clearly inherent risk involved in any move in the season. Wolves have made a lot of progress this season and trade is likely to roll back that progress.

If the season ends today, Wolves will be in the Playing Championship. But making a one or two player deal can help this team secure a watershed point without messing with team chemistry too much.

At this point, this appears to be the appropriate approach for a team with a seemingly strong chemistry and a promising youthful base of players.

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