Market research specialist ‘decrypt’ debuts in Sri Lanka

decrypt, a new market research company, recently launched its services in Sri Lanka to help multinational companies, local conglomerates, SMEs and entrepreneurs with consumer insights in order to build successful business strategies.

The company, which already has an established base in South Asia, is backed by a team of experienced and dedicated researchers, each with more than two decades of research experience. Decryption promises to provide consumers with exceptional insights, which is a powerful support in the decision-making process, which is ultimately a blueprint for success.

A fully serviced market research firm, that specializes in qualitative and quantitative research and relies on neuroscience for decision-making. The company’s mission is to provide “fundamental insights that empower brands, businesses, and services, as well as add value to individuals and society.” The market research firm’s vision is to be at the center of brands and businesses by harnessing data, technology and market expertise.

Opening its doors here in Sri Lanka, Decode Lanka Ltd. plans to go beyond the traditional mode of market research by ensuring complete and comprehensive management by its major partners; Not only providing insight, but also developing a strategy to operationalize it in close partnership with clients; Participate in creating the future of the customer’s brand by intervening with rich diagnosis, understanding and knowledge of consumers and markets; Introducing innovative research tools and methodologies to tackle complex business problems and open up a comprehensive view of the solution.

To this end, the Market Research Specialist will introduce System Thinking 1 and System 2 by combining implicit/advertised/consumer talk across both consumer and non-consumer industries, to assist marketers in their decision making.

Analytics is another key tool in the decoding arsenal, as a company will engage with customers, enabling them to create winning strategies using internal data, and then act on them by marketing differently.

Sanjay Pal, Founder and CEO of Decryption says, “What we do and what we want to do best is partner brands and companies during their life journeys. We provide in-depth knowledge to consumers and ensure complete absolute management of our clients by a team of industry-leading experts.” Being on the leadership team of two big data/market research companies, he created Pal Decrypt in 2021, where he is committed to building long-term relationships with local and multinational companies in emerging markets.

As a cutting-edge analytics practitioner who is passionate about neuroscience, he uses superior cognitive skills to understand consumer expectations and transform customer experiences while deciphering complex market situations, home consumer behavior and media consumption patterns through his distinctive approach.

Operations in Sri Lanka are driven by its Country President Pragica Fernando, a market research expert with over 20 years of professional experience, with a proven track record of leveraging leadership, cutting-edge research and technology, and building clients across multiple industries (multinational, local and international). With a history of providing winning strategies over the years, Fernando was also a member of the Executive Committee of the Market Research Association of Sri Lanka from 2015 to 2019 while also serving as Associate Secretary from 2016 to 2018. “The company aims to conduct different research by Bringing advanced technology to market and offering the best of both worlds: solid research principles paired with the latest technology and data.”


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