Matthew Stafford trade: How 49ers came oh-so-close to trading for QB before Rams deal

In an alternate universe, Matthew Stafford is under center for the 49ers this weekend.

When the Rams and 49ers meet in an NFC Championship game, it won’t be the first time you’ve seen San Francisco Stafford with envious eyes. When the Stafford sweepstakes opened last season, both teams in the NFC West were interested in Stafford’s talent.

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In the end, Sean McVay and the Rams pounced on Stafford and nearly stole Stafford by the nose of Kyle Shanahan in a story exposing Cabo, the wrong hotel and a situation that would have been “embarrassing.”

Here’s how Stafford ended up in Hollywood:

Trade Details Matthew Stafford

In 2021, lions and rams agree to trade to send veteran QP Matthew Stafford to the West Coast. the details:

  • rams Quarterback Matthew Stafford received.
  • black He earned quarterback Jared Goff, 2021 third-round pick and 2022 first-round pick, 2023 first-round pick.

The Lions would pick the back corner Ifeatu Melifonwu with the third-round pick sent by the Lions.

The Rams will also eat the $2.5 million roster bonus that Gauff had when the deal was finalized at the start of the league’s new year.

Trade Reconsidered Matthew Stafford

On January 30, Adam Shifter reported that the Rams and the Lions had agreed to a deal that would send the Lions star quarterback to Los Angeles for Jared Goff and picks. The trade wouldn’t become official until the start of the league’s new year in March, but the deal was in effect.

Stafford’s exit plan was in place before the start of the 2020 season. Reports indicated that Stafford may have wanted to get out of Detroit, not wanting to deal with another rebuild as it was clear the Lions were headed toward pursuing the season.

Stafford had suitors. He is said to have vetoed trades on the Panthers, while favoring three teams in total: Rams, Colts and… the 49ers. (Aside, he also refused to be traded with the Patriots, per reports).

The last two teams in the mix were the NFC West rival, with the Rams eventually striking a deal to bring him to Los Angeles.

It was a final picture. On an episode of The Ringer’s “Flying Coach” podcast, Shanahan explained how close the 49ers came to making a move for former Lions quarterback on the night he finally landed dressed as the Rams.

You don’t want to get me started, dude. That was frustrating. I was actually in Cabo, I was watching everything. I had never studied Stafford so hard before. I remember looking at it and everyone was telling me it was a possibility. Stafford was the guy, I studied hard with him coming out of college, and we’d always play against him, so you know how good he is. But just to know it might be available, and then spend a couple of weeks really watching it, Shaun? indeed. It’s better than you realize. He was the man, and he was underrated to me. …

I was trying to get involved in it. Someone with knowledge of the situation – I was talking to (Tom) Condon and everyone to find out when this happened. I remember on Saturday, I got really nervous, and we finally talked to someone and it was 7 p.m., and they were saying, “No, nothing is happening as soon as tomorrow. So you can finish your night.” So I’m like, “Okay, I’m done.” Put my phone down, and talk to Mandy, “Let’s go out to dinner, let’s have some drinks.”

Half an hour later, one of my friends called me, and said, “I’m just telling you, if you want Stafford, you need to get it now.” And I’m like, “What do you mean? We just talked to people, I can sleep on this, and we’ll talk to them tomorrow.” “I’m just telling you, you need to talk to him now.” And I knew it, I turned on my phone, and it ended up all over the place. It wasn’t fun.

Coincidentally, Shanahan was in Cabo, Mexico, at the same time as Stafford and McVeigh, also plotting how agonizingly close Stafford was to Shanahan; Fortunately, McVeigh joked, Shanahan was staying at a different hotel than he and Stafford were. Shanahan said that would have resulted in an “embarrassing” situation.

While the 49ers will miss Stafford, John Lynch and Company will pivot to find the next passer in the NFL draft. San Francisco will trade two future first-round picks for the transfer and pick quarterback Tre Lance with the No. 3 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft.

Lance has played minimal shots this year, only starting and playing in place of injured Jimmy Garoppolo. Although Garoppolo is now dealing with injuries, the 49 players have chosen not to play Lance in place of the current QB1.

Now, a year later, the two teams face off at the Stafford Bowl. or something.

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