Moomoo Releases New Data on Meme Stock Trading and Volatility, One Year After GameStop Short Squeeze

Palo Alto, California.And January 27 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Moomoo, a commission-free* trading app with advanced research tools and market data, today released the results of its latest survey of active investors who’ve discovered their appetite for meme stock trading, one year after a brief squeeze on the infamous GameStop.

Although more than half (54%) of investors say meme stocks are the asset class with the biggest bubble, the majority (47%) plan to trade meme stocks in 2022. However, a third of investors (36%) cite Otherwise, citing fluctuations as a reason to walk away. Meanwhile, 17% of investors said it will depend on the circumstances as to whether they invest in MIM shares. Investors say additional asset classes with rising bubbles include cryptocurrency (24%), housing (13%), and growth stocks (9%).

As we saw during the short press on GameStop, online trading communities are growing in popularityIt is seen by many as a place to share knowledge, exchange tips, and keep the pulse of the ever-changing stock market. While the majority of investors surveyed (63%) say that online forums slightly or somewhat affect their investment, two in ten (20%) investors indicate that online forums have a strong influence on their strategy. Only 11% of respondents said that these forums have no effect at all.

It’s important to think about these findings as we approach the one-year anniversary of the GameStop short squeeze.

“The stock meme frenzy last year brought a wave of young new investors into the stock market,” he said. Keith Chan, president of Moomoo Inc. “Our data shows that this is not a passing fad: investors haven’t finished meme stocks yet. However, the speculative and volatile nature of this asset class underscores the urgent need for a cautious approach when it comes to trading meme stocks, which half of our investors surveyed acknowledged are The asset class with the biggest bubble.”

Between 130 and 250 investors answered survey questions submitted through the “Moo Community” within the moomoo app between January 13 – 19, 2022.

* Commission-free trading is only available to US residents who trade in US markets.

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Referred data

Will Mimi stock trade this year?



No, very volatile


Depends on the circumstances


What asset do you think has the largest bubble?

stock meme




growth stock




How much influence do online forums like Reddit or Moomoo community have on your investment?





just a little




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