Mountain Bike Market Research Report – By Type, Application and Region: Forecast till 2030

A mountain bike is a type of bicycle used for recreational purposes. It is a flexible bike suitable for off-road racing.

NEW YORK, NY, USA, January 16, 2022 / – A mountain bike is a type of bicycle used for recreational purposes. It is a flexible bike suitable for off-road racing. A mountain bike is a durable means of transportation that takes on the toughest terrain and mountain surfaces. There are mountain bike models with suspension and without suspension. The mountain bike is designed to withstand extreme friction when riding on steep surfaces. Mountain bikes come with a set of disc brakes.

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COVID-19 analysis of the mountain bike market

COVID-19 continues to affect the supply and demand chain of global industries. Many industries find it difficult to deal with this situation. However, the impact of COVID-19 on the mountain bike market is indifferent.
market dynamics

Decisive factors in the market

There are a lot of factors responsible for the change in the mountain bike market outlook. Recently, bicycle accidents on the roads have increased. Using the bike for daily commuting is safer and suitable for a healthier lifestyle. As a result, many customers tend to buy any type of new bike. This customer behavior acts as a driving factor for demand in the mountain bike market. Moreover, there are a lot of developments in the sports industry. Sports that have led to increased demand for mountain bikes are endorsed by many countries. The rise in mountain bike competition in Europe is a critical driving factor for the global market.

Market growth opportunities

Fuel costs are increasing every day. Many choose vehicles that do not require fuel. Also, the increased cost of fuel is changing the behavior of the customer. Many are interested in buying bicycles for their daily commute. This change in customer behavior and the increase in fuel cost provide growth opportunities for the mountain bike industry. Vehicles that require fuel are the main causes of high carbon emissions. Carbon emissions are a global issue. Because of this environmental concern, most residents prefer eco-friendly bikes.

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value chain analysis

North America has the largest share of the mountain bike market. The popularity of cycling in North America is a major market driver in the region. The major mountain bike players in these regions offer high quality and durable bikes suitable for professional racing purposes. Mountain biking racing and adventure mountain biking are in great demand.

Seasonal demand for a mountain bike is enormous in North America. Also, Asia Pacific and Europe are the second major contributors to the mountain bike market. Europe is the first country to conduct tons of bike racing. Most countries in Europe support and endorse this sport. Mountain bike in the Asia Pacific region is known for its high terrain and mountainous regions. Trekking spots feature mountain bike adventure sports. All of these factors ultimately increase the value of the mountain bike market in the forecast period.

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The major players in the mountain bike market are


Cannondale Bicycle Company (USA)

Scott Sports (Switzerland)

Xidesheng Bicycle Company (China)

Trinx (Taiwan)

Trek Bicycle Company (USA)

Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. (Taiwan)

Diamondback bikes (US)

Recent developments in the market

Top players in other automotive fields are getting into the mountain bike. Ducati is one of the luxury car producers entering the mountain bike market. The entry of new players provides high future growth opportunities in the market.

The younger generation is more inclined to ring mountain bikes. As a result, the major players offer mountain bikes with high safety features for children. The power wattage of the new model bike has been reduced to 250 watts.

Mountain bike demand is increasing in countries such as France, China and India. Major players are taking advantage of this opportunity to expand the mountain bike market in these regions.

The mountain bike market is segmented into North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. North America dominates the global market due to high demand from Canada and the United States. The major players in these regions are promoting the mountain bike market on a large scale. In their well-established market, the major players are capturing huge market demand. The adventure and sports industry are major market drivers in the mountain bike market. Due to health and fitness concerns, governments provide significant support to the mountain bike market. Every year spending on the mountain bike manufacturing sector increases to meet global demand. Europe, the second largest mountain bike market, is responsible for 10%.

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